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Installing Back up camera in Dallas area


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Apr 13, 2007
North Texas
Anyone in the Dallas area know where I can go to get my back up camera and monitor installed.
I"m just not up to installing things anymore so need someone to do it.
Any info. appreciated.
I've had good luck with Best Buy and Car Toys in McKinney.

btw..those were some awesome pics of the air museum.
Hi Farmguy, Thanks for that info.  didn't know Best buy sold them and installed them.  Cartoys (in dallas), that installed my back up sensors, after I looked under the vehicle, was not impressed with the installation. Had to modify some wiring things. And wiring is stretched too tight in some spots I can't fix.
Thats why I thought I'd check and see if there was anywhere else that did installs.
I'll try best buy, see if they have installed them before over here on East side Dallas.
Yes pics were really good. One we should have taken was all the guys together.  We did have a good time.
Paul :wave:
I have no experience with them, but I have heard good things about Earmark. They do a lot of custom stuff, as I understand it, and its pretty good. Again, all heresay on my part, but it is an option you can check into.
Hi Naylor, I'll look into Earmark, thanks.  Haven't found too many places that know how to install them or are interested in doing it. Seems if they are going to charge for installation they would want to take the job.
Have a good weekend.
Is it just Called Earmark? :wave:
Here they are:


I got the suggestions from a friend who used to be in the aftremarket biz...he said they are good. Car audio systems, mainly, but they do good custom work (according to my friend). He did say they would not be cheap...

Are you going to the Laps for Charity event tomorrow afternoon (Sat) at TMS by any chance? If so, I will see you there!

Thanks Bill, I'll call them.
No, I had planned on going to Charity but my stepson's wife is graduating from Medical school tomorrow at 4 pm, then family get together, need to be there.
I'm sure you all will have fun.
Have a good time.