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Installing WeatherTech WeatherFlectors


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Jun 6, 2002
McKinney, TX
Just picked up my WeatherTech WeatherFlectors from the dealer last night. FINALLY got here after having to return the original set because the part number on AutoBarn's web page was listed wrong for a while (got that fixed too).

Got the front ones installed last night and they went in without a hitch in about 10 minutes. I waited till this morning for the rears though because I wanted to be a little more careful with them. I apologize in advance about the long shadows in these pictures. I was outside doing this early this morning.

They rear vent visors are held in place by two metal clips which sit under the rubber window channel against the door frame. I didn't want them scratching the paint so I brought them inside and carefully placed a strip of electrical tape across the back of each of them including inside the groove that slides over the door flange.

Here's a picture of all the parts assembled and ready to start this morning.

Here are the four clips (two for each side). If you look closely you can see the loop in the edge of the electrical tape as it goes around the end of the clip edge.

The directions give you very precise location to place the clips by measuring from the top of the dew wiper at the bottom of the window. Follow those directions and you'll have no problem. The rubber window channel pulls right off the frame pretty easy. Just grab it near the middle top of the window and pull down then work your way to the corner that you need to get to (with the window open of course). Measure 17-5/16" from the dew wiper to the center of the front clip tab and place the clip on the flange. Press to make sure that it seats all the way against the door frame. Then press the rubber window channel back in place. Run the window up and down a few times to seat it good.

Do the same steps for the back clip except the measured distance from the dew wiper for the Avalanche is 15-1/2" back here. There are differnet distances listed for Tahoe, Suburban, etc. They don't list Avalanche specifically, but 15-1/2" is the distance given for Suburban so use that.

The vent visors have a hole in each end that the clip tabs slide into.

Follow the directions, inserting the front of the visor first, then flexing it slightly to work your way to the back. Make sure that the back clip tab slides into it's hole as well. Again, running the window up and down a few times helps it to seat well.


Check to make sure that each of the clips is seated flat against the window frame. If the clip is too high or low along the window channel the visor will cause it to twist and press one corner into your paint. If they are positioned correctly they'll sit nice and flat as shown in the pictures above.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your work.

The WeatherTech WeatherFlectors are really nice visors that hug the edge of the Avalanche really well and look very nice. I also like the fact that they're not attached to the outside of the truck by tape like the GM and some other aftermarket ones are. Although, I hear that they are now gluing to the rubber window channel instead of the paint, which is an improvement in my mind.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any other pictures. I wanted to take more, but I think this post is long enough as it is. Enjoy!

Nice install job. ?I only installed the front visors cause I didn't want to scratch the paint on the rear. ?I think you just convinced to install them using your method.
These are the best I have had. No tape, and no drilling holes. I have had them on for a while now and no complaints. ;)
Chris Bradburry said:
I'm not really sure what the point of these are?

These do an excellent job, allow you to crack the window while driving without getting a lot of blow through and rain - great for smokers and folks who eat strange food while on long drives ;D
My only complaint with my weatherflectors is the windows continually freezing shut. Since the closed window is resting on plastic, and not rubber, the slightest amount of moisture in the channel on a freezing night causes a window freeze. I've been thinking a taking a cotton swap with silcone grease and swapping the channel. That might solve the problem.

Everything that Gandolph says is true, re: the value of the Weatherflectors, I have them on all our vehicles, 97 Saab Aero, 2001 Volvo XC Wagon, as well as the AV, and have had them on all my past vehicles for years.

However, he left out the most important reason....

They look SOOOO COOL!!!

They are also very nice to have if you plan on sleeping in the Av. Crack all four windows a couple of inches for ventilation without woorying what happens if it should start to rain.
Those are some great pics of your weatherflector's...for some odd reason I haven't purchased my set yet...and it's been over 1 year....I did decide that I wanted the inchannel as opposed to the glue on type....so whenever I get around to it....I'll order me a set of these bad boyz.... :B:

The weathertechs are great for the inner channel application.

I have the drawtites on my truck which are also inner channel but they use a small stip of tape to secure tight to the inner channel.

anything that inner channel is sleek and much more factory looking.
How's the color on the weatherflector's? I saw a few sets in my local truck shop and they look a lot lighter than most of the aftermarket window vents. Plus, they were almost $40 more than the Drawtites or ventvisor versions. Is it worth it?
The WeatherFlectors are about the same color as the tinting on the rest of the Avalanche. There are lots of pictures above for you to take a look at. I think the biggest reason for getting them is a secure install in the window channel with a low profile. If you're more concerned with color or cost you're probably better off getting the ones that stick on with tape.

BlackAv2002 said:
I have the drawtites on my truck which are also inner channel but they use a small stip of tape to secure tight to the inner channel.

anything that inner channel is sleek and much more factory looking.
The weatherflectors look cool. I went with the Draw-Tite since that's what I received for a b-day gift. Inner-channel flectors rock. No drilling, no clips and easy installation. This type of mod helps reduce the noise in the cab if you want the windows down a little at freeway speeds.
I installed mine over Christmas and I have to say I'm this is the happiest I have been with a set of these windows shields. The others i had were the ugly tape on models and were just lousy. Too big and floppy. These are smooth and low profile. They fit the truck perfectly and have not budged a inch.

The slight grinding sound as the windows goes up bothers me a bit, but that will fade as it wears down a bit.
These were the easiest wind deflectors I've ever put on. And as everone has stated, NO GLUE. Weathertech bug defector also went on quite easy. In about 5 minutes, and I've noticed no mirror vibration or added noise (crusing at about 70 MPR). If I ever trade the Av in, everything comes of no fuss no muss.

Good to hear the instal is easy.... I have had the weathertechs in a box just waiting for my new Av to get here. I got them a month ago but it has been too cold around here to try and install... Hopefully the temp will go up in the next couple of weeks so when the new Av arive's i can install them.Great install instructions should make the job go easy..

I purchsed a set of EGR In-Channel Window Visors and sent them back because they were to way too tight causing door panel at the bottom of the window to be bowed out.
TxAvy- thank heaven for you. I was standing in the garage last week -end after the Weatherflectors arrived and wondering what I had bitten off. Now I have simplified instructions compliments of YOU! What a great help. Simple, easy, and no damage. Thanks.
I had these on my Sierra and took them off. Installation is simple indeed, but I had too much wind noise, Tech support said re-install usually takes care of it, but it didn't so I sold them. Also didn't like the fact they were not tinted dark. Still have them on my Wife's Explorer. She rarely gets out of town so doesn't notice/isn't bothered by ?the noise. Oh, and on her 4-door the backs seem to bow out a little in the middle. I've noticed thos is others too. But they do seem to be a high quality product. Some that have them like the fact they can remove and re-install easily while doing the major clean-ups.
txyank1 said:
Some that have them like the fact they can remove and re-install easily while doing the major clean-ups.

I can remove mine without lowering the window. Makes me a little concerned that a thief may decide that they need them more than I do.
GoldBowTie said:
I can remove mine without lowering the window. ?Makes me a little concerned that a thief may decide that they need them more than I do.
Be tuff to get out with the windows up. I'd worry more about Vandals than a thief. Not that expensive.