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Interesting Convert Story



Just left my dealer's. He had a used Z-71 AV with 10K miles on it on the lot. Sold it today to a guy who traded a 2500 Crew Cab in on it. Mileage on the Crew Cab: 584
Didn't take that guy long to figure it out!
Hmm..that's interesting...I'm not so surprised that someone traded in there 2500...but more shocked that someone got rid of their Av!!... ;D
I good friend of mine got rid of his 2500HD because of the mileage. He went to a 1500AV ???????
As one who tends to keep vehicles for 100,000 miles minimum, trading in this early sort of boggles the mind.
I too considered a crew cab when looking at the Av - it wasn't too hard a decision though!
that seems to me, to be a good way to waste your money. you will lose so much money turning a vehicle in in the first year... must really wanted to get out of the vehicle bad!
I too made a stupid money decision.

Traded in my 2000 extended cab Z71 Silverado LS after only 16 months of ownership and 10800 miles.

But I just had to have the Avalanche.

So far, no regrets!