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Intermittent  Drive Train Vibration


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May 26, 2002
Fort Lauderdale
Hi All,
I have a Z 66 problem that I would like to get advise on before going to the dealer with.
It is an intermittent vibration very similar to a badly out of balance wheel or driving on a road that a tracked vehicle has just made dents in. The vibration is continuous but becomes faster and more pronounced as I go faster and lasts until I make a full stop.
It has happened about 6 times in the last 1000 miles and generally occurs when I'm cruising on the Interstate. In fact when it first happened I thought I had a flat, the vibrations were easily felt through the steering wheel and even the brake pedal as I pulled to a stop. Once I come to a complete stop and drive away the vibrations are gone.
My thoughts are that it is either an ABS or prop shaft balance problem. I have checked the wheel nuts and dismissed an out of balance wheel since the problem is so intermittent.
Any advise would be appreciated as I know it will be difficult to reproduce the vibration for the service manager.
I believe Butch had a problem with his and it ended up being the front differential. You may want to do a search or IM Butch. :0:
I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM on my 2002 2wd AV. Mine only has 1300 miles on it. Has been to the dealer 5 times..they rebalanced tires then after 3 tries I had Firestone replace the tires..same vibration between 68-75 mph. Anyone else with this problem please email me at corvette95@excite.com
:cautious: Fishpie & corvette95 I had the same problem with my av.
Intermittent vibration above 65mph.
My solution was the dealership dropped the driveshaft and rotated it 180 degrees. Presto! the vibration was gone. ;D
Also consider you might need a wheel alignment. I read a post that many av's during transport get knock out of alignment :cautious:
I hope ths helps you guys out. Let me know if this works since there aren't any TSB's from GM on this subject.
???I have the same problem in a 2500 Av--couldn,t figure what it could be--not tire bal as not always there,though it goes away at 120k/hr,and is smooth above and below that speed.It's fine vib that almost feels as if the engine was starving for gas.,hesitating.there is no vibs in the steering at all;

Think the driveshaft fix is where it's all at--great tip guys!!