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IPOD Adapter Problems with Scosche, Peripheral, Neucleus and Crux


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Dec 20, 2005
I am the owner of a 2005 Avalanche with NAV and XM.  I added a Neucleus IPOD adapter, GM Class II .  I have replaced it twice and now have a Scosche version, same manufacturer, and same problems.  The XM data is now deleted on two lines.  to get it back I need to disconnect the NAV system completely.  I have been in touch with the engineer who developed the system.  I offered to put this out for a survey of problems, as the software engineers are interested in coming up with fixes.  Any experiences you are having would be helpful.  I have initially thought there may be a NAV problem as American INternational, the distributor, says they do not have any reported problems with the device.  That being said, my NAV has been replaced twice without any effect.  It appears that the device blocks the data from XM.  The device is sold under the following names: Scosche, Peripheral, Neucleus and Crux.  I look forward to your comments.
I cannot confirm or deny the problem you're having as I don't actually use XM and thus don't have a subscription... I've gone thru' several ipod kits (just to try them out) and I can tell you that I have heard of the problem you're talking about.

One thing you can try is to elminate the little jumper board thats in the harness... while this is removed, your cd-changer and RSE may not work, but you can at least test to see if you're getting XM data correctly.
I should also note that I have removed the connector with the small board.  IT was causing a number of additional problems with data.  I am only utilizing the connector set without the integrated board currently.  Use of the other connector, which is so that a CD changer can be used, required that one toggle through the inputs each time the vehicle was turned on and off in order to get sound from XM.  Without the integrated board, the XM sound now comes on when the vehicle is started up with  no need to re toggle through all the bands.
I had the Nuclues model that is wired into the back of my TNR.  It took a dump on me after 3 months.  (XM DATA ERROR message)  Come to think about it, I probably only had 10 hours of use.  I contacted American International, they told me I had the old version. So I bought the updated version.  So Far, so good!!

I Purchased the Peripheral PXDP3 for my 07 AV.   The units works but the Ipod resets every 4 or 5 songs and also when I try to select items from the menu using the Steering Wheel controls.
Has any one have a solution?
The folks at Peripheral have also hit a roadblock.
Exited about the potential but frustrated with the results.