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Is It Customary To Tip Your Service Advisor?



I've jsut dropped my truck at the dealer with a list of items to be addressed. I noticed in one thread that someone said to tip the service advisor well. Does anybody do this?
I have never heard of this! They are salaried employees so I can't see where this would need to come into play. Now if you wanted your baby washed after the service, maybe then but I cannot think of another reason. I mean, I didn't tip the cable guy when he had to re-run a new cable drop...

hey, that's pretty much the way i feel about it, but I was browsing and noted someone saying that tipping the SA would make sure your issues were handled well.
My past new vehicle experience was not good - so bad it took my 12 years to go back and buy another vehicle. After the first few trips to the dealer with my old truck i bought the service manual and did everything myself. 180,000 miles later I've gone to the AV.
anyway I'm going to pickup my truck a little later today, and don't think things will go very well. they already told me over the phone that water leakage is normal!!!!
Tip a SA - no way

I think that is the same a tipping in a semi fast food place - you have seen the tip jars by the register. All they do is take your order and hand you the food and they think they should get a tip? Ummm their pay is part of the cost of the food I just paid for.... :8:

I have no problem tipping for service, when it is the right thing to do.
Summit_NF said:
I'm going to pickup my truck a little later today, and don't think things will go very well. ?they already told me over the phone that water leakage is normal!!!!

That right there would make me pick up the truck and explain to them that they just lost another customer. That is of course presuming you are in a town with multiple Chevy Dealers. He/she apparently takes you for someone that doesn't know that much and therefore will try to push you out the door without any hassles. If they really were supposed to leak, do you think GM would have put $1000 in gaskets around that bed? I think not....

The next one, call ahead and make an appointment and talk to the SA before leaving the truck. Make yourself clear and fair. Most SA's will appreciate that and once they realize you are intelligent and respectful, they will treat you the same way. Most....

As for tipping, I have heard this before too, although I have never seen it. I was even a service tech for a while and not a sole offered. I never expected it either. But that is my opinion, and we all know about opinions...

Good luck and let yus know what happens.
I always give them the same tip. Check it closely now, 'cause it better look just like this when I pick it up! ;)
Here's a tip -

"fix it right or you'll be as messed up as a snake in a lawn mower!"
No reason to tip the SA....now maybe a porter who drives you to work or helps you put crap back in your ride.....but rarely.....

Find a better dealer with a service department that cares......Once you find one then your experiences with your vehicle will be much better.....
I don't think they need to be tipped. If you are on a borderline of something not being covered or if you have some mods that might cancell your warrenty then you might want to think about doing something for them to help you. I box of doughnut seems to work pretty good. I would do this in the morning when you drop it off not when you are going to pick it up. Some SA will go out of their way to help you. Other go straight by the book.
Can't say I have ever heard of tipping the S/A

However tipping the technician is/was always appreciated-- especially or only if the job was performed successfully
the tech is the one who puts hours of agravation into the vehicle for your satisfaction

I always recomend speaking directly to the tech, this is the only clear line of communication
if he he cures your problem and you tip him, he will be most apreciative and will be happy to assist your next visit

Former 14 yr ASE GM/Tech
Most of the dealerships that take pride in their service send out customer satisfaction survey questionnaires after your service visit. ?If your SA gives you great service put that down on the questionnaire and be sure to mention the SA by name. ?My Chevy dealership pays them a bonus when you do this and your SA will remember you and your kind words.

My brother-in-law has been a service manager for over 20 years with many different dealerships. He goes out of the way for his regular customers who treat him with some common courtesy. .
Only if she looks like Jennifer Anniston and winks at me. The only tip I've ever given a service advisor is if you don't want me yelling at you, get it fixed right when you say it will be ready.
I wouldn't tip they make commission. Meaning every thing you purchase they get paid off of. Also a good Advisor makes about 60-80K a year.

At the dealership I work at it is agains company policy to take a tip. However not many people tip so this isn't a big issue.

If you are going to tip.....how about tipping the tech. He does all of the work. :0:
If he calls himself a 'service advisor' don't tip him.

If he calls himself a 'mechanic' tip him. ;)
Look guys I am a Service Adviser (ex-tech of 25 years) and while I sometimes do receive tips I always do the best I can for everyone. Tips are welcome but not the norm by any means. But as for SAs getting salary - HA let me tell ya most are paid commission. (I am anyway and all the ones I know are as well.) While we do make a good living it is a very hard and stressful job we get it from both ends Techs want more money(time for work) and customers want to pay less. The service adviser is your only link to getting what you want when you want it! At the very least you should be nice. I dont really take to threats well. This is just my view - so dont take it personal I know I dont. :D
A SA wanting a tip falls right in their with a saleman wanting to charge your credit card $500.00 for pricing you a truck!!! I would say this, if you were happy with the work they did you could over and if they are the agents their suppose to be they wont take it but it will make them feel good. As a mech for many years in dealerships many customers offered to tip for good service they couldnt get anywhere else. Always made me feel good that people would drive 200 miles just to get what they paid for!
"He don't tip."

"You don't tip? What do you mean you 'don't tip'?"

"He don't believe in it."

"Shut up. What do you mean, you 'don't believe in it'?"

I'm sorry, I saw the tittle and couldn't resist.:p
While I was a mechanic at a Chrysler dealer part time going through high school and college, I certainly did appreciate tips from greatful customers. :D It used to frost me to no end when I'd see the service manager take a tip from a customer when I did all the work on the car and all the SM did was fill out the paperwork. :8:

I don't see service advisors today as being more than paperwork admin. guys. I wish I could find a dealership that employed mechanics that took some pride in what they do. I'm always reinstalling covers, and hooking up underhood lights, etc. when my trucks come back from warranty work at the dealer. I had my oil changed & lubed at the dealer I bought all my vehicles at last winter because it was just too damn cold for me to do it. You know when I got home I crawled under the truck those bas$%#ds didn't lube it. They didn't forget to charge me, however. The main reason for having them lube it was peace of mind thinking it was going to be done right and I didn't need to deal with the mess and cold. :8:I'm back to doing it myself. I just can't trust anyone. :6:
Truckman :B:
Not all SA are just paper pushers. At our shop we send techs to a service adviser training school and in my case being a ex-tech (still wrench everyonce in a while) so we can all see the other side of the fence. It gives more respect on both sides for each others jobs. I think tipping is OK who ever does it and who ever gets it. :D