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Is This Just Glued On?????


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Feb 14, 2002
Castro Valley NoCal
So I'm detailing the Av and I noticed something out of the ordinary. Take a look at the two pictures. The first is just for a ref. of location. The second.....is this a type of epoxy holding the rear door onto the body of the truck???? I looked for a bolt, found none, and there aren't any welds to be found either.

:eek:I just went outside and checked mine. Looks the same as yours. the only thing i can think of is it is sectioned through the door post and welded behind what we are lookin at...........I do not know, but if it falls off we all have pictures to take to court now..
interesting point.........................you brought up..'
:eek: ;D
Hate to say it but the doors on the GMs are epoxyied on. My 96 ext cab was epoxyied also. Ill check with my buddies at the dealer and find out what exactly the epoxy is.
What you're seeing on the hinges is a clear silicon sealer to keep water from running between the hinge and the side frame of the body. The hinges are welded to the side frames. The reason you don't see the welds is that they are mig welded from the inside. There are 4 welds holding that hinge to the side frame. If you were to remove the B-pillar trim molding, you would be able to see them.

Epoxy? I really hope a dealer didn't give you that information.
Could you imagine one of the doors falling on your foot. I don't think GM would take the chance. :rolleyes:
Just purchased Z66. When washing noticed little gap on rear door cladding coming loose next to front edge. Plan to take to dealer after some more milage to see if it gets worse. The other rear door cladding seems to be tight. What is fix and does it last ? Only 2k on AV so far. Have not noticed any other problems so far but always looking while under warranty. Really like it especially the ride.