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Is Your Av Green ? Post Pics


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Feb 15, 2003
Marinette, Wi
Hey i am looking for some pictures of GREEN ONLY av's for my website if you have a green av please post your best pic thanks jeremy (y)
Mine is Dark Green Metallic. I haven't taken any photo's yet, but will try to do some this weekend and post pics.
Not mine. But I wish it was.

Yep. We noticed that ours looks like it has a greenish tint to it, too, in certain lighting conditions. This is even after we've taken everything out of it (like smelly 13 year-old baseball players) that might make it feel ill! ;D :D :D
We had a lot of rain in Houston recently. If the sun popped our, the AV was to dirty to photo. Finally, we have sunshine and the AV was clean. Here are some photo's.
Don't know what happened to the photo. Attempt #2


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I've got a '03 Av, dark green metallic, WBH, I'll try to post a pic when I can, maybe after I pinstripe it!! :B:

what type of pics are you interested in, front, side, back, from above???? Be happy to take whatever
How about this, taken in early March. Please excuse the :D: snow!


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Here's my SGM NFE from an early Seattle Chapter trip.

Here's mine, fresh from the factory. :love: I will post more later...


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Here is my contribution ;D:


Yes, this just so happened to be a mini GTG with the member, Nople. Our Av is parked in front. First, I saw another Avalanche coming, then I noticed that the DRL's were amber and full-time, then I saw the Av was green :). So we had a green Avs only GTG :).