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Is Your Warranty Service A Hassle?


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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
It always seem a hassle for me to get a vehicle to the dealer for servicing or warranty work. Especially when it takes two trips to get the parts and then install them.
No problem. ?
My closest dealer generally has the part and all I have to do is cool my heels until they get it installed. ?If it is a long term thing (all day) they will take me home.

I have no concern about waiting a couple of hours for free service and parts, especially after seeing the price of the parts.
Fortunately, I have never had a bad warranty job, not just on this Chev, but on the others I have owned as well.

I'm retired so there is no job impact.

Of course I wish it hadn't failed in the first place
It could be a hell of a lot worse. You could own an Envoy that's the multiple dealers have NEVER had parts in stock for and your Avalanche could have been recalled 4 times. I ranted this morning about it. We are all lucky for owning a vehicle as fine as ours.
Oh no, I was stating that it could be a lot worse, you could own an Envoy that's been recalled 4 times. Sorry, that's what I get for trying to piece Netware and Win98 back together while replying to messages.
Most of the dealerships here diagnose problems incorrectly. The remaining ones then accuse me of doing something to cause the damage and getting them to perform warranty work is like pulling teeth.
Boar, you should rat them out to GM like I do whenever I have a problem with my Wife's vehicle. :8:The only time I've had to do it concerning the AV was when the selling dealer kept raising the DMV fee amount on me..... :8:
It would seem so....
Maita Chevrolet here in Elk Grove has always done a great job with anything that I've given them. Very impressed. But here's best thing...
It's possible to get my AV serviced AND get a chili dog from the snack bar at 8am. :love: :love:
God Bless America
How many days ago were the 8 am hot dogs cooked? Do they look like the ones at 7-11 that have been rotating on the grill for a week? :cool:
we took our AV (born on 06/02) about 2 weeks ago with fogged up fog lights, missing the rubber bumpers on the gas filler door, missing a rubber bumper on the right side of the tailgate. When i called the service manager to set up the appointment, he transfered me to the parts dept. i told the guy at the parts dept that i wanted the fog / DRL replaced, he said he would order them in. i got there and it took 42 minutes to replace the bad and missing parts, then they checked the AV with their diag machine and i was gone. seems to be a great dealer but they are 45 miles away. When we bought our AV the dealers in my local area only wanted to sell what they had on the lot, none of them offer to look for the AV that we wanted. we called our current dealer, he faxed us info on several AVs we called him when we had picked one out (it was in Amarillo Tx, we live just east of OKC) he said we could pick it up the next day.... i think i will continue to use this dealer. Frontier Chevrolet in ElReno Ok.
I'm the one vote on the last button. Since none of the choices were applicable to my experiences with the dealers on warranty work. Inconvenient - no loaner - more than one trip per problem - problems either not fixed or not fixed well. At least I have a vehicle that hasn't had any REAL problems, If the quality of service from chevrolet doesn't improve, they better make all their vehicles so they don't require any warranty work!
I have had my truck in for service four times already or service and I must say the dealer has been great about accommodating me. While it was in I had the fog lights replaced and a few other little minor things. if they could just fix that dam noise. it would be a great thing. :eek: :8:
Our dealership is a little drive down the hwy. There are closer dealerships but we prefer the one where we bought the AV. They do close too early so I need to take time off at the end of the work day to make it down there, but they do offer a free loaner and excellent, freindly service.

The little trianglar bumper on the side of the tailgate kept falling off until it finally got lost. I told them about it during an oil change and they replaced it qiuckly under the warranty. We paid zip, zero to get it done. :love: :B:
BlackAv2002 said:
I have had my truck in for service four times already ?or service and I must say the dealer has been great about accommodating me. ?While it was in I had the fog lights replaced and a few other little minor things. ?if they could just fix that dam noise. ?it would be a great thing. :eek: :8:
What noise? Have you tried leaving your Wife at Home? :rolleyes:
By definition, getting service is always a hassle - it's just to what length the dealer is willing to go to in order to make it as least a pleasent and courteous experience - as has been said, depending on dealer - your mileage may vary!

My Av has not required service, but as the dealer that I use for service is close to work, I'd probably just throw my bike in the back of the Av, drop off the truck and cycle to work (more fun in the summer obviously ;D)
i think i have had it at the dealer twice for warranty work. did not get a loaner. but, they did the work with no questions. got the truck back when promised too. :B:
My biggest gripe with my Av was cosmetic: one of the Z71 wheels had a pitted clearcoat. When I came in for my first oilchange I mentioned this and the response I got floored me...." You'll have to make an appointment with the body shop to have it refinished" ??? I have to lay the truck up a day or 2 for a wheel? I wasn't thrilled, so I called the 800 number and got the same song and dance from Corporate........guess giving them away (0% financing) has tightened the belt for the other items.