Issues Starting Truck After Replacing Starter


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this group so I apologize if I miss some etiquette. I have 2008 Avalanche LS 5.3L. I purchased this truck back in early May. I came home from a camping trip and I turned off the truck to unhitch my camper. When I got back into the truck I tried to start it to pull away from the tongue. When I turned the key, it was turning over but the whole cluster went crazy started flashing. I have two error codes and the traction control couldn't be disabled. The first error was regarding the crankshaft position sensor, the second was about the oil pressure sensor. I think I had an electrical issue of some sort. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and everything returned to normal. The oil pressure sensor never came back on after starting the engine again because I remove the cables from the battery during the replacement of the crankshaft position sensor. For the last few weeks, my truck was being difficult to start. It would turn over, but after running multiple errands in a day, the truck would get harder and harder to start. If I only drove it one place, I'd be fine. It would take a second to start but I wouldn't have issues. I got the battery tested and it was in good standing. I don't need to check the alternator because the battery is good. I decided to replace the starter to see if that would help. I purchased one from Amazon. When I installed it, everything looked good, but when I turn the key, it clicks and it sounds like it is trying to catch on the teeth, but it doesn't start. When I turn the key and hold it for a few seconds the doors lock and unlock, the compass on the rear view mirror flashes.

I am not sure what to do or what I should check next. I do have a good ground wire from the back of the engine to the chassis.

I did try to put the old starter back in as a test, to validate the Amazon starter wasn't a bad part, but my buddy broke off a piece. :)

Any help or suggestions would be great.