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It Wasn't Just The Money!!!


SM 2003
Full Member
Aug 4, 2002
Youngstown, Ohio
I really do like the 02 better.

The lighter cladding is easier to keep clean, shows fewer scratches and is a better blend with the Victory Red.

The seats are more comfortable with the articulating headrests, and they adjust, not the pedels.

The narrower center console leaves more leg room for us taller folk.

The available after market stereo upgrades are awsome.

The mirrows don't tilt, flash and fold.

All the options I wanted were still available and at 0% for 5 years.

It's a good thing since that's what you have :D

The truth is almost 100% of people who are asked which vehicle they like best will respond by saying the one they have is the best.

The one's we have, the one's we drive are all we really know about so it's typically going to be the one "we like best."

If you go onto any car/boat/truck boards and ask about a particular product, most of the time the folks with that product will say it's great. That's what often makes it hard to find out the "truth" about how an aftermarket product or accessory works.

One thing for sure - I KNOW my 2003 Avalanche will be the "best" ever >:D