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It's Here!  New Arrival Blue WBH


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Jan 17, 2002
Hey Gang-

It is here! I am the proud new owner of an Arrival Blue WBH, delivered last night!

Simply put -it is awesome. I know you plastic lovers like the plastic and all, but this truck is where it is. The new '03 features are kick ass. XM rocks! I have already been told "that is a pretty truck" by two people...which is ah....um.....more than I can say for my late cladded 2002!

Pics to follow.....


Can't wait to see it! Still love the cladding as is (and have had at least 10 specific comments on how nice it was by itself!), but the without cladding versions aren't as ugly as I once thought. I think it's because all they'd ever shown was the red WBH, which IMHO, is NOT the nicest color on that model. The black and dark gray WBH's look very nice though.

What kind of deal did you get, going from your "plastic" 2002 to the new 2003? Just wondering, because the latest deals look really, really nice....if only.... :cool:

Pics, pics, pics!!
Its all about the love. If you love your new AV, thats what really matters! (y)
Congrats! Seems like you are the first club member with a WBH Avalanche! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! ;D
How long did it take from order entry to delivery?
I ordered a black Z71 WBH a couple of nights ago.
Can't order the XM radio in Canada, I'm sure it would sound great with the Bose.
An FYI for others interested in the WBH:

I checked with some area Chevy dealers, and the WBH's are hitting the lots. The only downside, is that Chevy's website says these dealers have the WBH in stock, when in fact they are in transit. But at least on gmbuypower.com you can see what is arriving. I had the best luck with the largest Chevy dealer I knew of... they have ~28 Av's in stock, and also their own test track. It's 45 minutes away, so I haven't made the trek to go there :)

The salesman told me tonight, they will have several in stock by next week, so I would think this is nationwide.

Happy hunting.
Great Job. I was considedring a WBH myself but I did not like the looks of the bumper. Arrival Blue would have been my color also.
Can't wait to see your pictures. New member here, and will be buying a WBH Avalanche. Trying to wait till 2004, to see if they up the power. But may have to do it now, if your blue one looks as good as I think it will. Thanks all for the info on the forum, and keep up the good work. PS Do you think the Silverado SS front bumper cover will fit onto the WBH?
Congrads. And I know why you don't have any pics yet....its because you are too busy driving it around or just starring at it in your garage. hahhhaha. I know the feeling. Take your time and enjoy your new truck.
Thanks everyone for the kind words...and for this I am going out in the morning (in the new WBH) and buying a digital camera so I can get pics for you all!!

Give me a few more hours.....

Congrats on the new Av. ;D

May your gas tank always be full and may that "NEW CAR SMELL" last forever. (y)

Get those pics posted as soon as you can!!

Congrats on the new ride, can't wait to see the pics? What kind of deal did you get?

Congratulations on your new purchase. Did you have any idea that you'd have to also buy a digital camera as well? Should Chevrolet provide a digital camera with each AV purchase? :0: That way, there won't be any down time to get pics of the purchase on the web for us fanatics!! ;)
Hey KB-

I got the truck for 400 over invoice. It was 37K on the road with tax/tags. I got a 2500 dollar GM rebate that ended yesterday. The truck is awesome. The brakes are more powerful and the steering is firmer than my cladded 02. I am uploading some pics here shortly.