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I've Been Hit!


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Aug 2, 2002
Pflugerville, TX
OK, I have to vent...

Someone hit my truck. Remember, this is my baby, my pride and joy, a truck I really like! And someone hit the damn thing. I mean, I pay as much as a house payment for this thing, treat it with respect, give it a bath regularly and maintain its 'needs'.


I actually said something along those lines just a short while ago.

I am sure it happened on Sunday, while my wife and I were running errands. I have been using my normal remote lately (I have a remote that pages me if something sets off the truck) and never knew anything was wrong till today I was walking by the truck and noticed the rear door caved in at the lower section. Something you would not notice unless you walked up on it, but there none the less. Amazing part is they didn't touch the running boards, just the door. Guess I am lucky???!!

Guess this is another testimony to the way the AV handles hits like this. The cladding is not even noticably harmed, just the door is caved in :-(

Anyone have an extra back door, in white, just laying around?

No , but while we are here asking for parts anyone have some extra cladding with the AVALANCHE logo on it I NEED IT!!!!

Ouch! I got two small door dents in the rear door on the drivers side... both within a week of each other, while it was parked in the same spot. I'm assuming the same car did both of them... once just wasn't good enough for them.

How bad is it? Pictures?

Sorry to hear about you Av damage. Why didn't your alarm alert you to it being hit? Could someone have kicked the rear door, a tactic of the environmental nerds, and becomming a big problem for the rest of us.
I know how you feel :C:

After my accident I swore if anyone messed with my AV again they'd go home with a few less fingers >:D

It's fixable......don't sweat it too much!

hey Strobin_Avalanche, there have been some cladding pieces for sale on ebay. might wanna search on there
Those nerds arent really a problem here in Texas, dmacker - Heck we all drive gas guzzlers here. Sorry to hear about your AV perpendicular - you seem to handling it better than most. I agree with Blanche - get it fixed right away!
Hey there Perp ... sorry to hear about your baby... I know how you feel. I watched a kid hit a really hard superball (the size of a baseball) about 150 ' in the air and land right on the center tip of my hood. Right where all the body lines come together. It looked like slow motion comming down..... I just thought to myself, noway Its not gonna hit it... Blammm ! :cry: Anyway what Im gettin at here is I tried a paintless dent removal place (Final touch). Its amazing what he did with his crazy little tools they use... The dent was about 3" around and 1/8" deep. All three of the hoods body lines were affected , couldnt have been more center of the tip of the hood. The results were amazing , you can stare at it from inches away and no signs of dammage at all... Just like new in about 40 mins and $85. So maybee you can give it a try....
Listen...a dent like that would simply drive me up the wall...I tend to be anal about anything AV related....and while it can be fixed it would still make me a raving lunatic....

I don't thing it was someone kicking at ...unless they have quads like Arnold...I would bet it was some careless driver.....and my wife wonders when we go shopping, why I park far away enough that I have to take a shuttle.... ;D :B:

Yeah, and they would have had to of been crouching when they kicked. I hope my truck isn't that weak there :-|

Guess I need to do a seach on removing the rear door panels so I can try popping it out myself. IN this instance, the cladding rules if it just works!!
That sucks! It seems harder and harder to have nice things, and keep them nice without someone screwing with it. I had the Av. for 3 weeks, and the neighbor was having the stump ground. The jerk shot rocks into the side of the Av. then bailed :8:. I had to track the jerk down through some plate look ups. It turns out the Jerk was a State Trooper doing some side work. He didn't want to hear anything about it even though I had witnesses :7: . Now I have dealings with troopers at work on a regular bases at work . I have never had a problem with any of them. This guy was a jerk though. I ended up having to pull some strings in the state, and his superiors told him to deal with it. This guy said, " Why didn't you say who you were?" I told him it doesn't matter who anyone is. Be a stand up guy, and take resposability for your doings. It's not easy having nice things.
It does look like a kick or some other kind of non-auto impact. I would think there would also be damage to the side step if it were another vehicle. I hate these low-life cruds.
Last week the girl friend, with all her jewerly managed to put a deep 1" scratch in the passenger door. Her hand slipped off the handle (doesn't recall it). :(
Even my body man agreed with me, it was a "ring" scratch.
Call me anal, but I couldn't live with it. Today, it is fixed. From now on when she rides, I open and close the door for her and ever so gently remind her to watch her jewerly. ;)