Jackson/Central Mississippi?


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Welcome to the club! How'd you find it (or did I miss that)?

As far as metro area membership, I know of two in Clinton (me and gostrdr), one in Jackson (stckbrkr), one in Madison (RADAggie), and one in Florence (GRIZZLYOFMS). With as many Av's and EXT's running around in the metro area you'd think there would be more (Ok, I need to print more brochures!)



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I found the club via Google while researching AV's a few days before getting mine. Got it over at Rogers-Usry.

I'm actually in the woods about halfway between Florence and Brandon (Florence zip)....and I work in Pearl.

I'm planning my mods now so I'll fit in ....guess the amber DRL's are required :), then the mag light, tint, sound system add-on, etc



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Living in vicksburg right now but originally from gulfport travel between those two about every other weekend, in jackson occasionally :D


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Whats going on? I work in jackson Ms but live North of Jackson.

Some of you guys may have seen me around if you ever go into Jackson or attend carshows in any of the outer areas of the area.

I have the 05 Avalanche 1500 its Pewter. The only one riding around on 26's im bagged and stock floor body dropped with more modifications than i have time to list on this site.

I heard of thi site from a guy who used to work in my building before he retired from the MS Nat guard(he has a 02 Avy), so i thought id check it out for myself. Lemme know by email if you all would like to meet up sometime possibly.

Im not really online a whole lot and when i am online im usually checking email, bank info, paying bills(eek) or looking up parts and stuff for my truck.

Thanks guys, Mike


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ha ha alright i just found Randy's user name on here, Bigdawg. He is the guy who referred me to the site so its his fault im here now.


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Wow I think we have a new low in Lowrider, nice AV MCarmer



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ha ha i like that picture its kinda funny my tires are like 1 inch taller than his and hes lifted. But i got 26inches of rim filling the space between and hes got almost all tire filling it.

I would love to find a avalanche thats lifted so tall i can park the back of mine under it and lay it out and get some pictures of it.

Ive only found a semi that was tall enough to do that, not even found a truck lifted tall enough yet.


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That's a nice Av you have MCarmer.  The only one I've seen that low in person is a friend of mine who drives a EXT but his is on 24s not 26s.  We're both in Meridian, Ms so we're not that far from you.  I have an 04 WBH but I'm on stock suspension with 22s.  Here are a couple pics.



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His looks good, havent seen it around or anything though Id ont go out that way at all.

I really dont like the running boards though, remind me of funny looking ground effects. That would be the first thing to go if that truck was mine, then Id do a body drop on it to eliminate the space between the body and ground so it really lays on the ground.

Tell him if hes interested in cutting out his truck to lay on the ground his best bet is to get his frame pulled and modified or replaced altogether with a custom one off frame.
He would need some Ekstensive control arms, Ekstensive drop spindles and to cut out his inner fenders as well. Also he would need to narrow the rear axle and the front frame rails so the wheels dont rub his fender skins when he turns.

All in all he may as well get a completely new frame custom built and replace that stock one with it. Its alot of work its not like slap some bags and some wheels on it and roll.
Basically hes got alot of work ahead of him if he wants to lay on body or even frame with anything bigger than 24's. tell him we should get together for a dragging session, but he may wanna take off his running boards first or they will be the first thing to get drug off. >:D Just jokin.

But I definately love to see fullsizes being bagged, it just doesnt happen enough. Not like the millions of mini's out there that are bagged. :D


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Hey MCarmer I talked to my friend who owns the escalade yesterday and he told me that he's seen your Av and that he had his truck done at Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston also and that yours was being finished when he first took his there.  I told him what you suggested about laying the body but he said that he was very pleased with the way it is now and that he didn't want to remove his boards.  Ekstensive tried to get him to go lower but he just wanted to lay frame.  He's getting more stuff done to the interior as we speak to get ready for a car show on the coast in June I believe.  I might go myself.  Not to compete but just to see all of you guys great rides. 


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yea i will admit that Ekstensive did cut some corners and went cheap on some things in the build.

But ive already worked out most fo the bugs as fare as that goes(swapping out hardware for better grade mostly)

Besides the small things overlooked they did a good job, ive just had to fine tune it to the way it needs to be.

Just out of curiosity did he even have to cut his fenderwells out, or did they move them up a little bit? or are they still in tact fully?