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JamStrait LED Taillights


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Apr 4, 2007
I found this tread (and only 3 others) which talk about the JamStrait LED.  http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php/topic,78586.msg1208883.html#msg1208883

How many have done this? 
Is it worth it?
If I make this mod do I get Red or White (since the lens is Red already I assume white is ok)?
What about turn signals?  Since the resistors are built in I don't need to worry?

I have a bunch of 'em sitting around in my toolbox.  For lack of better description, they suck.

You'd be better off trying the tower LEDs.  These only have a single plane of LEDs facing the same direction.  Very dim, no dispersion.  The Towers I've seen at least have them in an axial pattern firing around the sides as well as facing out.  I haven't seen what these look like installed first hand, but they would probably be brighter.

If you want to play with them, they're cheap enough.  Here's an interesting point about LEDs (about to get technical).  For years LEDs basically came in RED, then they were able to get other colors like yellow and green.  The color just depends on the type of element used.  Blue was one color that was never achievable until about 8 years or so ago. 

With the advent of blue, manufactures combined the elements that make blue, green, and red into one LED and this produces white.

Once you stick this behind a red lense, for the most part the blue and green are filtered out, and you're left with the red. 

Long story short, there is probably not an appreciable difference to using white or red LEDs.  The only difference is the spectrum of light put out by a red LED is very narrow in wavelength, whereas the lense on the avalanche tail light might be a little broader.

Not too technical, but just way more info you need to choose between red and white!
If you are getting LED bulbs for red lenses, get red LED's. They are made with different materials than white LED's and should produce sharper, brighter results for taillights.

Also, stay away from those old style, crappy clusters of 5mm LED's. The pattern is horrible, they burn out too fast, and are overall a disappointment.

Instead, go for something like a tower-type bulb like the ones on this page. More expensive, but are much brighter and last longer.