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Just Another Pickup?



I thought I was a diehard soon to purchase an Avalanche fan until someone in another thread made a comment that really disturbed me. This gentleman said he was going to cover the bed part of his Av with one of those hard covers with the windows that make a pickup look like a poor man's Subarban.

I've been a car person my whole life. What's attracted me to the Av is that I thought it was different. When I see any kind of pickup with that bubble top covering the bed all I can think of is: they must be sorry they wasted their money on a pickup instead of an SUV. If they wanted a Suburban or an Expedition why didn't they just buy one in the first place? Those bubble top thingys are ugly! Hideous! Why would someone do that to an Av?

Seems to me that would make the Av just another pickup. Another bubble covered truck bed. Ugly and dumb-looking. It just seems like sacrilege to do that to an AV. The whole point in having an AV is that it's different and useful and comfortable and attractive.

Am I overly sensitive? I don't want an AV if owners are just going to do to it like people do to ordinary pickups. Is there something wrong with the AV the way it is? What am I missing?

Sign me:
Disturbed. :eek: :eek:
someone on here (I don't remember who) made a good point about needing the whole bed area to be covered. It allows them to haul whatever animal they hunted, but be seperated from it during the drive, without having to worry about get blood and guts inside the truck.

But, too each there own. I have had a bed topper on a truck before. the beauty of it, is you can take it off and on whenever you need it.
Spork is right there, I too used to use one on my truck for those desert runs when you would like to sit in some shade and sip on a few brewskees while in between 4wheeler runs. :D

There is a guy in this town who has a 74 trans am mounted on a 1/2 ton truck frame with at least a 10 inch body lift, while it's against the whole idea behind the car, its his $$$ to use as he pleases, would I still want a cool Trans Am? You bet your A$$!!

So buy the AV!, you'll be happy! ;D
Plainsman we can tell you have not got a AV and it sounds like that you may not have enough desire to invest $30,000 to $40,000 in one of the most unique vehicle available.
Just because some one puts a topper on an AV will never make an AV just another pickup truck. An AV will not be just another pickup until ordinary pickups ride better then some cars, have luxury interiors and a mid-gate.
Most of us AV owners could of purchased a Suburban for what we paid for our AVs. Pickup toppers do no more then add covered space to a pickup. If you check out this site you will find that everyone has there own opinion on what they want to do with there AVs and putting a topper on one is not that radical.
Go take a drive and you will be hooked, topper or not.

Thanks I feel so much better. ;D
Holy Sh*t Man, you've got some issues!

Welcome to America, the land of opportunity and freedom. That includes the freedom to buy a bad ass truck like the Avalanche and load it up with as many options as you please.

I read a post on this sight where a guy was going to put 23" wheels on his AV. I had a good laugh at the thought, but its his ride and whatever he wants to do with it is fine by me.

I would never base a decision to purchase a new vehicle on what other people may do to modify it to their liking. I can think of several reasons why someone would want a snugtop xuv hard cover on their AV.

To answer your questions,
1. Yes, you are being over sensitive..........Get A Grip Man!
2. No, theres nothing wrong with the AV the way it is, but it sure is
fun to modify. Have you been to the accessories page on this
3. What are you missing.......the kick ass feeling that comes with
owning an Avalanche.

Go buy an AV and enjoy it for the reasons you like it.

rogerh said:
Plainsman we can tell you have not got a AV and it sounds like that you may not have enough desire to invest $30,000 to $40,000 in one of the most unique vehicle available.
Go take a drive and you will be hooked, topper or not.

Thanks I feel so much better. ;D

I'm glad you feel better. :) Okay, I feel better too. And I have taken a drive in one. Took from the dealer and drove it home, parked it in the driveway to see how it would look. It was a red Z71 model. It looked mighty fine. Big as all get out. Neighbors were driving by their necks on a swivel. You could read their minds: "Don't tell me how got a...one of them...uh...them thingys...Avasomethings." I live on a cul-de-sac. There are three SUVs on the street and four mini vans (and a few cars). No trucks.

I guess I just can't stand that look--a pickup with that bubble cover over the bed.

Thanks for the feedback from all of you. You're right; people can do what they want with their money. If they want to put a bubble bed cover on it, it's their business. I guess to my neighbors they'd expect me to spend 35K on a BMW or 40K on the Benz ML 320 SUV rather than a truck, er uh...UUV. I like going against type, though.

Okay, I'm back on board. Sorry.
Wlecome back. man... I hope you stay.. You are right people can do want they want.. But you know what?
It is great to see others do it to theres before you do it to yours....... So You see I like to see something on yours then if I like ti I will do it to mine.. that is why if you want to see a great sound system look at mine..

I love this club.........

we are great

Plainsman, I'm the dipsh!t that is going to put a GM/Snugtop on his Av. I ordered it in Victory Red to match our Avalanche 2500.

I write for hunting magazines and harvest many deer, elk and antelope a year. The rest of the year we are in the outdoors having fun.

We bought a top-of-the-line Suburban in 1998 and loved it - except that it we had no "dirty" area lime we had in our old pickup truck (a 1993 top-of -the line Chevy).

The Avalanche is cool. We love it. With the Snugtop, we'll love it more. We will have two rows of seats (all we ever used in the Suburban). Plus, we have a "dirty" area that will be covered, with more headroom than the Suburban.

The Av, with hard covers, has enough room for us to haul all our gear to Montana. The problem arises when we have to haul the gear back, plus two elk.

As far as I am concerned the Av with the Snugtop is much better than the Suburban for our purposes and it is a hell of a lot cooler.

By the way, we are going to install a bedslider. Call it elk in a drawer.

The 8.1 engine is awesome, by the way.

It definitely seems as though the Av has became the poster child for snugtop...every Motor Trend/Truck Trend issue I recieved had a pewter Av with the snugtop cap.....

Bottom line is different strokes for different folks.. :)
Just one word - versatile!

Not only is the Av versatile in stock form, it offers such a wide variety of mods for different purposes and different personalities.

My truck will probably never see a dragstrip or be used for hauling game - but I can still admire those who customize theirs to do so. But I will be hauling all sorts of roof mounted toys and towing for a variety of purposes - my mods will be aimed at doing this sort of thing in an easier way.

Each to his own - but the Av is a one-of-a-kind starting point!
I tell you what...I hear nothing but raves about the 5.3l vort...and 8.1l's....these powerplants are very effecient and put a lot power in stock form.....you got the jihad..you can make these trucks scream....
A truck is just a cookie, but the Avalanche is fruit and cake!