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Just Bought My AV!


SM 2003
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Jun 24, 2002
So Calif
(y) Another AV owner as of Friday, 6/28!. ?:) Some lameness at the dealership prevented it from being 6/27 ?:6:, but at least it wasn't our local dealership...
Been waiting all this time for the second year of the model, the '03's. But after reading about the features being lost vs gained on this site, decided to pick up one of the remaining '02's.
She's a 1500 2WD Z66, but I searched out a 4.10 rear. We do a little two station horse trailer hauling, but with usually just one horse. That checks in at 3,500-4,000lb. Since we didn't go with the 2500, thought the 4.10 was a good idea. A 'cushion'.
Wanted the least contrast with the cladding, and a lighter color that wouldn't show the dirt/dust as readily as a darker one, so went with the pewter and neutral (tan) leather int. Wife had to have the pwr sun/moon roof, and we opted for the nicest seat package (AN3). Came with the matching side boards and OnStar, which we weren't really looking for, but was told, and I think honestly, that it was the last 1500, 2WD, Z66, 4.10 in that color combo w/in a 200 mi radius. So now I need to research this OnStar stuff...
Very happy with it!! She replaces a '72 3/4 ton 2WD Chev (of course) that we had a high performance engine put into back in '90. Only 20M miles on the engine, but 215M on the truck. It looks good, and is very strong but it's going to take the 'right buyer' to really appreciate her powerplant. Doubt CAFCNA would be a good place to advertise as we're all looking at brand new AV payments!. :eek:
Speaking of that, if you're someone close to a purchase and would be interested in recent (June 28!) #'s; we paid $29,440 for ours as described above. This includes the GM $2,500 rebate. Then add to that, some $45 bs fee, $411 CA state license, and 7.25% sales tax. There's probably better deals out there, and I'm sure, worse. But FWIW, this was our deal. Just trying to be helpful/informative to everyone.
We found the best deal to still be through www.autobytel.com. We've bought or leased 3 BMW's through them, and now bot the AV. You merely wait till you know precisely what you want and have shopped around a few dealers, then go to the site, answer a very few questions, and w/in a day, an autobytel selected (Chevy) dealer contacts you. You re-verify the details/options you want, and the designated person at that dealership gives you their price. That's it. You take it, or think about it for a while, or laeve it; no obligation. Anyway, it's worked well for us....(FYI, we're in So Calif.) ? ?
Sure am looking forward to the annual camping trip in our new AV!
Hey Dave, sell me a decal! ? ;D

When are you going to start Modding? I mean geewhiz it must be almost 24 hours old and no mods yet ??? >:D
Welcome to the club.

You will love that AV now and forever.

Congrats! May you have many happy and safe miles with it! ;D :B: . . . . . and welcome!
Chock up another member for Southern Calif. If you are interested in joining the So Cal member group. Contact me via e/mail and I will add you to the list. We had 11 Av's meet in early June. We are looking at a cruise most likely in Sept.


Congrats, great color for the Av' be prepared to get compliments even without mods. People in Indy really like them.
I'll add my welcome here - not much doubt that you'll enjoy your new Av!
Congrats on you new AV. I was visiting Mom today and I saw 9 AVs on the road. That's great! (I just wish they were club members cause they weren't very friendly).
Congratulations on taking the plunge. I understand the desire for the '03 as I have a little myself. However, every time I get to ride in my '02, I reinforce the fact I made the right decision for me. Sounds like you made the right decision.
hello, i bought a new av in 4-12-02 what a great vehicle, i really like it , and it is so cortible and versible, what a deal, the sticker on it was $36,993.00 i got it down to $28,186.00 fully loaded, the color is sun burst orange. do you think that was a good price to pay for a av, let me know. ;D ;D
hello, if i remember wright the sticker said sun burst orange, could be wrong have to look up sticker again ;D
Congrats on you new toy, I have no doubts that you will love it.

I just brought home my new Summit White Av about a week ago.
I got the Z71 package, the covienence package, power sunroof, assist steps and luggage rack. We got it with the tan cloth bench interior. I am replacing a 99' tahoe with leather and I like the feel of the cloth better. I only have 250 miles on it so far so I stiill am not sure about the mileage im getting. I have 3 kids and live in Salt Lake and we are going to drive the Av to San Diego this weekend so I will surely know what kind of mileage im getting then. I opted for the 4:10 rear end so I hope it doesn't hurt the mileage too much. I really think I'm going to like the Av alot more than my Tahoe. Any comments on mileage with that rear end would be great.
Good job Chevy!!