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Just Go My WAAG Frontrunner & Rear Bumper Guard...


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
Coconut Creek, FL
I am planning on installing tomorrow. Are there any tips or suggestions that will make the install easier or it is very straight forward?

I saw GandolphXX had mentioned he had install picks on his site, but I only found 1 pic with him sitting in front of his AV finishing up the install so this shed no light on any problems he might have had.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

Now let me pray they sent the right parts and that they are undamaged. My wife said the boxes are in perfect condition from UPS so if they are damaged WAAG did it.
Yeah, I have seen Waag's site. I just wanted to confirm from someone that actually installed the products to see if they were indeed truly direct bolt ons. Sometimes businesses stretch the truth a bit to sell their products and I just wanted to make sure the install was a no-brainer.