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Just Got A Quote In Puerto Rico


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Aug 15, 2002
San Juan , Puerto Rico
Just talked to a dealer who has a 02 AV for only $46,995
WHAT!!! :7: He said Oh you get a $1,000 rebate. Wooopi . How about everybody shipping their AV down here for a HUGE profit. Anybody know about shipping autos to Puerto Rico. Or knows a dealer who is not insane. I have to have an AVALANCHE. They are too cool. BTW love the site almost as much.
Because of the cladding, the AV floats. That's what my dealer told me (to spoof another thread). ;D
The new claddingless AV's won't float. >:D
Just get one in Miami and float it to Puerto Rico. Get one of those really cool propeller hitches or maybe that Front mounted outboard motor I saw in another thread. :0:
I'd put mine for sale for $46k if there are any buyers.
Yowza . . . that's a big number. I guess it costs big bucks to ship vehicles accross the pond . . . no AJ, this pond's bigger than yours . . . ;D

Are other vehicles similarly marked up? How many Av's have you seen in PR? Are other islands similarly expensive . . . does anyone know what an Av costs in Hawaii?

Inquiring (and opportunistic) minds want to know!
I just returned from Maui. We saw only one Green Av on the road and few chevys period. The dealer had AVs priced similar to what they are selling for In PR. Chevy on Maui had recently been assumed by a conglomerate dealer ...The Cutter Team... Inventory may improve on Maui in the near future and prices will drop. The salesman did give me a nice Maui license plate frame...for my AV here.
Remind me never to go outside the country to buy an Av.... :B:
Lets not discourage SKIDD now he is outside our country.....but we all know he wants one too bad to give up his quest for a RH drive AVY! >:D
I just returned from several days in Puerto Rico.

I saw Chevy dealers, but wasn't able to stop and see if they had any AV's on the lot.

I did see 8 AV's 2 of them were Z66's - I saw every color but Pewter :(

I also saw 3 EXT's.

Tha majority of the AV's were seen around downtown San Juan and Old San Juan - but I did see 1 AV and an EXT on small country roads, on the other side of the Island from San Juan.

So AV's are alive a running around Puerto Rico :)
Welcome back Blueruck . . . Puerto Rico's a neat place to visit.

In a former life I spent considerable time in Puerto Rico (ex wife was a Puerto Rican beauty . . but many of us know how those things go :cautious:) Did much bouncing around in remote areas in an old GMC 4x4 truck - home base was Sabana Grande, so we saw much of the southwestern part of the island, but also made it to places like the Arecibo observatory - fascinating place.

The Av sure would have been a great truck to have on some of those excursions.
Couple of things guys, first of all Puerto Rico is not "going out of the country". ?PR is part of the US and all Puertorricans are fullblown US Citizens by birthright.

Politics aside, shipping a vehicle there is not the problem (ie Florida or Louisiana to PR is only $750 to $1000) the problem are the excise taxes they charge there in lieu of the sales taxes we have here.

Every vehicle pays sales taxes before being released from the docks and then the dealer puts their markup ON TOP of the tax. ?Yes, they make money on the taxes too!!!

New tax laws reclassified most trucks into basically luxury car status thus the increase in the prices. ?In 2002 it would have been much cheaper. ?

The problem was a lot of people (including myself when I live there) had 4x4's since they were considered agricultural or cargo vehicles and paid close to no taxes. ?Thus, I was able to get a new Range Rover fully loaded for 1000's less than a Mazda Millenia...

Food for thought. ?

2003 Pewter with Charcoal full feature leather buckets