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Just Got My Decal


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
i just got my chevy avalanche fan club decal, all i can say is great work :). nice to be showing off my little part of our club, and whats even better it helps the club. so if you don't have one go out and buy one and support the club, believe me its worth it ;D. ill get pics up soon. Alex (another happy club member :B: )
I got mine today also..But now where do I put it? Do we have a spot picked out as the most likely place?. The last I remember was the left side real window (behind driver). I think we should all put them in the same general area.

Hey Aegis,

The rear driver and rear passenger windows are the places I was thinking. It's not as exposed to the elements (front or rear) nor hidden from sight (rear window). Hope to get my two orders soon. :)
Mine arrived here in wild wonderful WV yesterday.

They look real nice. :)

Now I'll be checking every Avalanche I see for the
My decals arrived in yesterday's mail. Now I have to decide where to put them. :B:
OKAY it looks like Chiefs mail system works great ..I too have mine now and have taken a copy of it to a flag shop here in El Paso. I am going to have a flag made just like the sticker and have the words El PASO
placed in the middle that way when we have the BBQ here in June, ( plus I am taken a trip to TEXArkana in JUNE I will be flying the colors of the fan club.
If you live around the highway I 10, I 20, And I 30
from El PASO to Dallas to Texarkana please let me know as we can do a lunch break or a cruise on the way type of thing...)
But anyway The flag should look good going down the road..... HE HE HE

Have a great AVA day to you all..

Just got mine today :D. Here are some pics.

Use these items to clean window b4 appling decal.


Hey 02_2500avalanche,

Where did you place it? Bottom left corner or bottom right corner?
I'm still having problems trying to purchase gear...I will have to tweak my browser and give it a go... ;D