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Just picked up a 2003 EXT, what should I do to it?


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I had a 2002 Avalanche from 2005-2014.  I was an idiot and totaled that one and I've missed it since the day I let it go.  I've been looking for a replacement and ran across a deal on this 2003 EXT that I couldn't pass up.  It is all stock, what should I do?  Cold Air Intake? Exhaust? Thoughts? Ideas? I'm down!


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How many miles? Already complete the less fun basic maintenance (replace all fluids, belts, filters, etc..)?

Ready for the fun?  Cam swap time! To quote the article, "If you only do one thing to the engine, make it a cam swap." Read the article linked below and come back and ask questions, not that I'll have the answers but I bet someone here does!



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Wow been a member since 2005 and this is your first post? Must be the strong silent type... :laugh:

I would take some time and read older posts about mods you are considering. Then decide if the mod fits you vision for your vehicle and is within your budget.
In other words what are you trying to accomplish by spending the money? Performance, styling etc.......
Don't believe all the hype of CAI since the increased performance only comes after improving exhaust and probably electronic programing too. It generally is for lightening your wallet and increasing noise at acceleration. Exhaust is a good idea if you can consider a setup like a Corsa Sport exhaust.
If you have money to spend and want usable performance gains in torque and hp you should consider a Magnuson supercharger setup.
Not dealing with performance but is very high on convenience and daily use mod is a bedslide device to make it easier to load and unload the bed and it also keeps the load off of the tailgate to prevent breaking the cables that hold the tailgate.

Good luck with your decisions, wish you were active in Va. when we used to have GTG (get togethers) around the state. Kind of quiet over the past few years though.


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This one has 152k miles, I did put in fresh fluids and it runs like a champ.  I may just keep it stock and take good care of it.  I had a CAI and Magnaflow exhaust on my 2002 but I was younger and appreciated the loudness a little more back then!  I really like the idea of the bed loader, I can see that being very useful.  I remember reading this website a lot when I first got my 2002 but never posted, finally decided to say hi!  Cheers!


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Glad you said hello csowder. That's great for the miles on your 03. Yes, I now appreciate the quiet of the Avalanche very much! Of course as a teenager a couple decades ago I cut out the muffler and installed a straight through glass pack from Autozone on an old Toyota pickup and revved it every chance I had.