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Just Picked Up My Avalanche


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Apr 27, 2002

Was really dreading giving up my 2001 Corvette but after seeing the wife pull up at my office with our new AV I really didnt feel so bad. It also helps that the dealership gave me a price that I really couldnt pass up.

Got a white 2002 Z71 with a few special modifications. ;)

Painted body panels, GM brush guard and 20" custom wheels with Goodyear Wrangler HPs (275 60r20s). As soon as I can snag the digital camera from work Ill post some picks. I was at least able to find a picture of the wheels that I got out of the deal.


I even enjoyed the drive home, and then no sooner then I had pulled in the driveway my neighbor came over to check out the new AV and reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar. Now I just need to find a car show this weekend ;D
Sounds great! Like to see some pix when you have time. I have a white AV as well. I saw an all white AV at the gym the other day with your description. Are you in Sacramento?

The one I saw also had the bug deflector and a 36" hitch step.
Well, I have a good idea of what it looks like - Sweet! How much extra was the painted cladding? Did you also have the cargo covers painted as well?
The cargo covers are the factory color. I like the way they did the color coding. They mixed in parts of the grey with the white.

The front bumper is white excepet for the lower section beside the driving lights.

The steps and the piece just above them are still factory color and rear bumper is still factory.

The toolboxes are white as well as the outside of the piece behind the cab, but the inside is still the stock color.

Ive seen 2 others that the dealership did and I like my white one the best so far. Ill try to get some pictures before the weekend and get them posted.

what dealer are you using in texas? have they offered other av's with painted cladding such as all blue or green?
The dealership that I went to was Young Cheverlot. I know that they have done 4 this way. Im not sure if they are going to do anymore.

They did tell me that you can have the panels painted for around 2500-3000. I have seen one other dealership that has one in stock that is painted and thats Van Cheverlot. It is a 4 whell drive with a lift. Its been sitting on thier lot for awhile they might be willing to do some heavy dealing.

Ill keep my eyes out for others
That must be one cool looking truck....I checked out the pics of the wheels..and they're slammin'.....I really am curious to see what your Av looks like because like Rolando I too own a white Av.....

Welcome to the board!! :D