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Just Printed Out 10


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
cafc broshures. im going to bring them down to the local chevy dealership this week to see if they want any. i will let you know how it goes :cool:. just trying to get us known :). Alex
Hey Alex - be sure you bring one of the "dealer" specific brochures too. It will help with the pitch as it outlines the benefits of working with CAFC...

Good luck and let us know!
I also just printed 10 copies to take with me and the family as we travel 1200 miles this week. We are traveling from New York to Florida. Hope to see a few AV on the way.

Heading to Disney....Thought I should take the family on vacation after buying myself such a GREAT toy in January.

If anyone is traveling on 95 south I'll be driving my 2002 Onyx Black on 3/27-29..Catch me if you can.

I just got back from Fla. this past weekend (unfortunetly it was on family business).
I was able to put a few out in Fla. but only one on the way down and back. Enjoy the weather and the run down. When you get into Ga and Fla there is some Hwy construction going on I 95, but Va, NC, and SC was 80-85 mph. :D :D I was traveling from MD!