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Just Saw A Blue EXT!  Wow!!


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Mar 14, 2002
Manassas, VA
Coming home from dinner we passed a blue EXT headed the other way. My wife was just about jumping up and down with excitement and tried to get me to turn around. I opted instead to head to the local Caddy dealer in hopes of seeing one, with her saying "You've *got* to upgrade!! How much are they? I'll pay the difference if you want to trade in!!!" (I think that last one was a slight overestimation on her part but I sure appreciate the thought!)

No luck at the Caddy dealer - they were closed - but I am going to stop there next week for a closer look. On her offer to pay for a new one, maybe she'll consider having my cladding painted Indi Blue as a compromise! She already got me the billet grille and LoF for my birthday.
LazKat said:
?How much are they?

The last time I've seen the price on the Caddy was at the Houston Auto Show, And the sticker said $54,000. :eek: But I'm sure they can come down about 5 to 8 grand.
i know they are all built by GM, but having owned a couple of Cadi's I have to say the ones I owned anyway were CR@P! The dealerships were snotty and would not honor any of the warranties. It was always a hassle, file complaints with GM, they rebate what should have been on warranty anyway, just too much hassle. They figure that if you pay that kind of money for there car, maybe your stupid enough not to mind paying for repairs that should be under warrenty.
buy a Cadi,..... BEWARE!
As for me I'll stick with my AV!!
When we visit in Denton, TX my Brother-in-Law and I always go to James Woods Dealerships to check things out. (two side by side that sell everything GM makes). He always has a few customized Escalades. Seems like always Black or Diamond Pearl (or is it White Diamond?). Dam nice whatever it's called, and a few hundred $$ extra for it. See tons of Escalades on the streets up that way and a lot of them have at least custom wheels on them.
Low to mid 50's here in the Sacramento area. I liked some of the features, like the 6.0L V8 and the full-time AWD; however, sure couldn't justify the difference in price and my AV drove just as nice...for thousands less. Plus, gotta agree with Blulanche...I owned a Cad and the dealership was nowhere near as friendly as the Chevy dealer. ;D
They Don't make the EXT in "Out Of The Blue" anymore. (which by the way is the exact same as Arrival Blue).

They now offer the EXT in what Chevy Calls "Bermuda Blue"

I can't seem to remember what Caddy calls it. "Rip Tide Blue" (Thanks Tdybr27)

If you really want a NEW 05 EXT, wait till the end of the year leftovers.

I got an Internet price (with GM Supplier Discount and Cash back Discounts) for $43,200 for a leftover 03 in Diamond White Pearl around November of 03.

I am sorry I didn't jump on it, but I am very happy with my? 04 Arrival Blue AV.

Edit: BTW, the EXT I got the quote on was loaded (Nav, Sunroof, Etc)