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the positives....  you will never buy another air filter.  They are warrenteed for a million miles.  You'll gain a few horsepower.

the negative... to clean it you have to buy the "recharger kit"  a cleaner and a reoiler .  but not really a that big of a problem.
they work well, just don't over oil them and you'll be happy

Over oiling can foul the MAF wires and the truck won't run right. I've owned K&N's for years and never had a problem. If you do, you have to clean the MAF wires with an electrical contact cleaner.
Just wondering,Planning on going on a long trip with some of the roads will be gravel & really dusty,Should i wait and get the filter when i get back?Want to make sure i'am well protected,Thanks
The K&N will work well for you. The more severe your driving conditions, means more frequent cleanings. It will come from the factory ready to drop in ( the factory pre oils it ). Just check it periodically. I have a FIPK which is the cold air intake with the big cone K&N filter. The drop in actually stays cleaner since it's inside the airbox. The K&N filter recharger kit can be purchased at Auto Zone or any auto parts store for around $12. Just follow the directions when cleaning and you'll be fine. I used the drop in for a few weeks then switched to the FIPK.
I've had K&N filters for years and have never had any issues whatsoever. I don't consider cleaning my filters as a negative. I've had my recharger kit for 3 years and clean the cone filters for 2 vehicles. Still have plenty left.

Thanks for all the info,I think i will try the drop in filter first,What is the FIPK,How is it better?How much?Thanks again
That's the $2 question. Some report better gas mileage, some worse. Depends on your driving habits. I've got a Corsa catback exhaust system along with my FIPK. I did see improvements in fuel economy. Unfortunately, the sound of the exhaust and the harmonics of my FIPK force me to press the gas pedal harder.

Yes, there are negatives about K&N filters.  The most notable?  The don't filter much.  I would suggest True-flow

just installed one in mine cuz i got fed up after offroading everytime my paper filter would be wet and useless. barely noticed performance gain mostly cuz my old filter was dirty and water marks on it. But next time i got offroadin ill just put the extra paper in. Remarkibly after putting in the K&N and pushin it more than usually to see if i could feel anything i got 0.5mpg on my first tank of gas with it. well see if this continues but i like it already.

However when installing it i noticed that the screens on my MAF were vissably very dirty. What can i use to clean the MAF and also the honeycomb mesh? I have seen brake cleaner, carb cleaner, electrical contact cleaner which is best to use?
ya i was thinkin brake/carbuerator cleaner was a little harsh. i think i have a wally world around me so ill check it out. heard you can get 12v plugs for the in the bed mod too.
campsurveyor said:
Wouldn't more horsepower mean less MPG,Don't need that.LOL

running the k & n drop in and magnaflow exhaust I drive like an old lady most of the time. 19.5 hwy with 342 or 343 not sure rear end pretty good mileage i think
sorry but i cant find any place that sells that CRC electronics cleaner. except from online. i cant even find a wally or walley world anywhere let alone a web site.
Pep Boys, Advance Auto, Auto Zone......  ???
butterfingarz said:
sorry but i cant find any place that sells that CRC electronics cleaner. except from online. i cant even find a wally or walley world anywhere let alone a web site.

wally world = wall mart :beating:
ItsStopher said:
Pep Boys, Advance Auto, Auto Zone...... ???

I have tried looking up all of these including radio shack and still no results. I have never heard anyone call walmart wally world so sorry about that. looked there and also target online and nothing.
Well here is a deal for ya, come on up to Fairbanks and I will clean your MAF for free  :eek:
I put a drop-in K&N in my 02 avy the the day after i bought it and it actually makes the engine sound meaner as you go up in the rpm range.  Not sure if it gets better gas milage but I get around 17 mpg combined.  I love it.
went to walmart and radioshack couldnt find that crc cleaner. i did find some silicone and brake cleaner made by that company there but i didnt get it. hmmmmm
I tried looking for that stuff too at wall mart and could not find it what is in this thing that cleans it or do you know of any house hold supplies that could clean it.