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Kiddy Puke On The Seatbelt


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
Richmond, Virginia
O.K., this is probably not a topic that has been addressed before. On a road trip to Delaware over the Memorial Day holiday, my 5 year old got car sick in the back seat and the "vomitorium" erupted. Man, it was everywhere. Was able to get most all of it up with the much appreciated assistance of a police officer who stopped out with us on the side of the road, with a much needed roll of paper towels.
The seatbelt straps WERE black, and are now stained a "pukish colored brownish pink" I've tried all sorts of various cleaners and nothing seems to get this stuff out.
Anybody with any similiar expierences and/ or solutions?
Have you tried a bottle of "orange clean"? I know a fellow av'er who got squished chocolate on their cloth
seats and it worked like a charm to take stain out. Your
local supermarket sells it, give it a try ;)
I'd try removing them and pre-soaking them in OxyClean, then run them through the washer (on their own)
WOW, both great suggestions. In fact I have both here in the closet. I had just been using your standard car interior cleaners and had not thought of that stuff.
If you do run them through the washer, use Cold/Cold cycle. Anything else might compromise the integrity of the fabric.
I think that you are going to have to use a black die to return them to a black color.

Without seeing them, I am going to take a guess that having not washed the liquid off immediately, it soaked into the fibers. ?The stomach acids then bleached the fiber.

If you redie the strap, make sure it is a permanent die and won't sweat off under high humidity and friction. ?Those "Sharpie" makers might work.
If taking that strap off is easy, is buying a replacement a viable option?
Rich I think new seatbelts are a bit costly. Unfortunatley for a saftey device and a very common part, they can be cost prohibitive. Blue, would bet re-coloring would be the only way to go as the stomach acid, probably doens't stain as it actually changes the color, maybe check with a detail shop and see if they have suggestions! Boy I can only wait for my turn, my 3 year old sometimes does that...NOT YET IN THE AVY.