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Oct 6, 2004
I just got a call from Tommy that he's on his way to MD.  He'll be there at least through the week and possible until May 3rd.  He can't post, but would like to go to a GTG while he's there at the rockville Pike Hooter's location.  He may be there until the start of MCM and drive over to TN to join us there also.

If there is anyone in MD that would like to put this together, please do so.  If anyone needs/wants his phone number, please email me at grnxnam@yahoo.com or PM me.  I wish I could be there, the MD GTG's are coming together great.

Does he know about the GTG on the 28th?

I think that would be perfect since we already have an attendance building and people are ready for it.  Hopefully he would be willing to come up to Thurmont to meet everybody.


Also, could you PM me his number?  I think I lost it when I got a new phone.

Thanks for the heads up Byron!
thanks for the link.  I'll relay any info back to you.  PM on the way with his number.