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Kudos To Joseph Wurtzbacher



I just want to tell you all about what Joseph went through to get me my American Flag Bowtie. Thanks to Avalanche Members, I was able to find out how to go about getting one of these bowties for my Avalanche. I Emailed Joe that I wanted one and I sent him a money order. Well, a week passed and I Emailed him to see how long it takes to get one out. He informed me it was sent out and I should recieve it soon. Another 5 days passed and no Bowtie. I Emailed again stating this, and I was disappointed that I lost $42 because of the mail. He mailed me another one no problem! He even used Delivery Confirmation, so I could keep track of it! The new arrived. I took the shroud off the front of the radiator, and undone the old bowtie. Unfortunately, this one did not fit. I have the Without Body Hardware Avalanche and the part numbers are different. So, I emailed Joe again about the situation. I live in Texas and he is in New Jersey. He told me to hold on to this bowtie until he could straighten this out with his supplier. Not knowing me, he trusted that I would send the other one back. After all is said and done, the right one arrived yesterday, and the wrong one was sent back today. I am just amazed on his persistance and perserverance in getting the right one for my truck. Anyone out there that is looking into getting one put on his or her Avalanche, I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend Joe. If anyone in my area is interested in getting one of these, I would not hesitate on giving business his way. Keep up the good work! :B:
I have to echo this one - I've got one of Joe's flag bowtie's on the front of my Av as well, and his follow up through the transaction was outstanding. I had a couple of questions and he always responded to my emails virtually immediately. The flag looks great and I couldn't be happier with it.

Thanks Joe!


ps. Hey T Hunter, what's the T stand for? Better not be "Trout"!! ;D ;D
The flag bowtie was one of the first few mods we did on our Av. Joe is the best! Thanks again Joe for a great product! We have had many comments on the bowtie/billet grille combo.

Lorry ;D
This is T Hunter. What does "T" stand for in T Hunter? My name is Brian, does that make sense? I don't have a nickname that anybody calls me, but I collect Hot Wheels. You know, those little cars for 99 cents you used to play with as a kid. There are hard to find ones called "Treasure Hunts" ergo, T Hunter! Anybody out there that does collect as myself, and would like to trade their Treasure Hunts, I do have extras! :B:
Just ribbing you a little on the name.

Those Hotwheels were my favorite toy when I was a kid, and now they're my son's favorite. You probably already have one, but keep your eye out for the green Av Hotwheel.

I had a giant box of those things back in the closet that my Mom got rid of when I went to college (many moons ago). I still haven't forgiven her. They weren't in any kind of condition for collectors, but I'd love to give them to my son and let him play with them.

Well Ya'll, just received and installed my Bama Bowtie! For the time being it is an original (I think). From start to finish took about a week. Joe designed the bowtie then sent photos for my approval via E-mail.

Good job! Looks Great! I love it. :love: Now if I can just convince my wife it is original equipment.

Thanks Joe!