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Lazy Man's Tool ( Not For WBH )


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Aug 7, 2002
While looking at the "Cleaning the Cladding" posts, I got to thinking that the best way NOT to clean it is not to get wax on it in the first place. I thought of a tool I bought in Home Depot a few years ago called the "Warner 23" Paint Guide and Wallcovering Tool". I put 2 layers of 1" masking tape over the metal blade, and tried it out on a friend's Av ( hey, I wasn't born every minute >:D ) It worked very well. Except for the compound curves near the wheels, fuel door, and bottom front of the sails, this device will make a positive seperation between painted and cladded surfaces.

Here's what I did:

The Lazy Man's Tool

Lazy Man in Action:

Bridging the door panels:

Tail Gate Shot:

Wish I had thought of this sooner!

Same concept, but before I used Zaino (no white residue) - I used a cheap plastic disposable edger that my wife bought when she was painting around the house. ?About 12-14 inches long and flexible. ?Even works aroung the curves. ?I think she got it at Home Depot. ?Couldn't have cost more than $1 and very durable using it for waxing. ?I do like the idea of putting masking tape on the edge.
Eeeek! Metal blade to AV paint! Yikes!

I would definately cover that blade completely in some sort of Masking tape, duct tape, etc.. I would hate to see someone scratch their AV when caring for it!

You do not have to cover the metal blade- and yes, I had the same reaction to tape covered metal on the Av paint. Go to the hardware store or the bed & bath store and get a large shower squeege and use it because the blade is rubber, flexible and works the same way- but safe. If you cannot afford one, use an old rubber strip from your windshield wiper when you change them [but pull off any metal first].
There are several areas where this would come in handy on a WBH. For instance the last picture of the tailgate.
Last week, I spoke with a fellow that used to run a detailing shop and he noticed the wax on my cladding. He said they would just mask off the cladding and other plastic areas. In the end, it more than saves the time needed to clean the wax off afterwards.
You're at the end of a long line, kiddo............of course, a case of Mikes would boost your standing considerably........ >:D

Now thats a great idea :0: