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Lift question


SM 2003
Full Member
Jul 16, 2002
Charlotte, NC
I'm going tomorrow to finalize what i'm having done to my truck.  I'm leaning towards the Superlift F.I.T 6" right now with 315/70/17s.  The real question comes down to should i go with 4.56 and a new rear differential at the same time?  If i should with the differential is there one that is better than the others.  I'm leaning towards a LS type one.

I had 4.56 gears in my truck with the exact same size tires and wheels.  I was winding about 2650rpm at 80mph.  Can you live with that?  My locker expladed on my rear end this past winter and I went with 4.10 gears.  If you have 3.73 I would not think it would be worth switching to 4.10s.  If you have a 3.42 gear I would switch to 4.10.  With 3.42 gears and that size wheels it would not pull overdrive unless you are going downhill!

In fact I almost wish I would have went back to 3.73 gears...if you tow very much weight at all you will end up just towing in 3rd gear which works well.  At 75mph rpms were less than 3000.

Another thing to consider is noise.  The 4.56 gears were definately geary sounding and really go annoying after a while.  The increased RPM of the engine also adds to the cab noise.

If you do decide to change to 4.10...go with stock gears they are quiet!!!

If you are interested in 4.56 gears.  I have a frontend already profesionally setup with those gears in it.  I would be interested in selling it!  It has hardly ever been in 4wd and had new seals put in it when the gears were intalled.  I would be very easy to swap when the lift was installed.  We car work out a reasonable price if you are interested.

where are you getting the work done Charlie?  Also your pics linky no worky .... got an updated one?  I wanted to check out a few things with your roof rack (y)
Yeah i let that website expire.  I've placed the lift on hold for a while due to a personal issue that arose.

You still trying to figure out the roof rack thing?

well I never put the one on and now have a little more of an idea of what I want to do... *IF* I can pull it off it will be pretty slick :cool: