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List Of Problems Since Day 1 !



I have an 02 z66 with 9800 miles on it. First, when we brought it home, we noticed that the plastic was not adhearing around the truck. So I took it in and they just glued it on tighter (still not up to par) I also had to have the rear window replaced because it was discolored. Then we noticed that the panels were discolored and they washed them. still discolored. And the plastic grills on the top of the truck near the rear window are turning white. they said oh well. Then a bolt fell off a bar in the front of the truck so they replaced that..at the same time I complained about the clicking sound when I turn to the right as I see others have the same , and they found nothing, now it is getting worse! Then I had my tires checked recently and the front 2 were low by 10lbs each! Firestone, said there might be a leak in the rims! Then, we had heavy rain here in CA and yep my car REAKED this morning. so I checked and sure enough midgate leaks. I have only opened that once and that was when I bought it and this is the first rain I have had a leak. I am so sick of taking this car in!! Brand new cars should not have these problems!! And now , my brakes are squeaking intermittently....anyone else???? Am I crazy or was this truck a bad choice????
Your Z66 came with FIRESTONE tires??? I thought Z66 and Z71s came with Goodyears...sorry to hear bout your problems...mine has been fine so far. :eek: :B:
Sounds like you don't have a good AV. I have heard of problems, but yours seems to have ALL the problems. Mine leaked, its fixed now. The panels can be replaced with new ones per GM. At least they replaced mine. The clicking.....still looking into that one.....wait a minute. My AV has had all your problems. I think the difference is, my dealership takes care of me, even in the future they will too, because I have letters stating the problems I have and those problem areas, the waranty has been bumped to 5yr, 100,000 miles for free. Plus they have given me free accessories because I am such a nice calm patient polite understanding Customer......they just haven't seen my bad side yet....MUhahahahahahaha!!!!

Get those problems fixed while under waranty and have your dealership write up one of those letters extending the waranty on those particular items.


So THAT'S what happened to the one that fell off the truck while unloading....

Seriously, sounds like you have more problems than you should. We have had a couple of minor problems, but nothing that take away from our love of our truck. If you keep having probs with it, call in the California Lemon Law and make them give you a new one. Don't let one bad apple discourage you.
My AV came with Firestone tires, they're the only thing I have to complain about, the rightside tires seem to be leaking.

One morning I came out and the right front only had 12 pounds of pressure in it, the night before it had 35.

Another time the right rear tire only had 20 pounds of pressure in it, and again it had 35 the night before.

We filled them, thought maybe the seal to the rims wasn't secure, but again, they leaked.

It's only the right side, for a while I thought my neighbor was letting the air out of my tires :eek:
Oops I meant I went to Goodyear :) Yes I have Goodyear tires. I just called the dealership cause I just realized the whole driver side/passenger side is completely soaked. A salesmen told me to talk to the GM rep, so in the am that's what I will do. He told me not to take passive answers for anything and demand or threat lemon law. I hate to be that way but guess I have to.
Newav, sorry to hear of your (literally) stinking Av. :cry:

If you have another dealer in your area, you might consider taking it to them instead. The dealer we bought our Av from was great on the sales side but they stunk on the service side. After taking it in three times for three minor warranty issues, none of them were fixed. They said there was nothing they could do -- the issues were all 'normal'.
:0: I tried another dealer, and all three were fixed the first time. In my case, it also helped to print some ammo from this site. It seems like a few other people have experienced some of the issues you've mentioned.
Oh, and on your midgate leak, be sure it is latched all the way, they are difficult to close and "double" latch. Do a search in the formu for "leaking midgate" and you will find more info. I thought mine was closed when it actually wasn't. You need to go to each side and give it a good push to lock it up tight.

Hope this helps.
Might not be your tires, check the valve stems. Chevy had a bad batch on the Av. The things break where the brass meets the rubber. Wiggle them to check. You can hear the leak if that's the problem. If that's it they will only leak while you are driving, until the finally break and dump all the air from the tire.
Interesting on the valves, I took it in today and they are going to figure everything out. The GM rep said that if the AV is parked down hill, the car will leak, it is not full proof.......Ok so what the heck ! That is rediculous!!!!!!! It is supposed to be a truck or an SUV that's what this thing is all about! It should NOT leak into the cab NO matter what!! Oh whatever, I just hope they get it fixed. I demanded new panels and parts that turned white on the plastic too. Here I go with another rental car!! I miss my truck :(

Hang tough, I too had to send the wife in with posts from this site to get the bugs out. They got it handled everythings been roses since. Keep the faith this to will pass.
newav said:
I miss my truck :(

I am glad to hear you say THAT at least ? (y)

That is a good sign!

Just do NOT lay down for them -
when you talk to the GM rep,
do not forget to mention ANY problem.

If things do not get fixed correctly, they will have to buy yours back, or put you in a new one! (With nearly 10 years in the Car Business, I have seen it happen more than a few times.) ? ;)

Seven ? :cool:
I don't think anyone here will tell you that you made a bad choice in buying an AV. There are too many of us who have never had a problem with anything (yet)...(knocking on wood) to put all of the AV's in a "bad choice class" Hang in there...get it fixed or make them give you a new one. There are always a few bad apples (or lemons) in any type of vehicle. Looks like you may have got the bad one. Keep us posted and good luck.
Update-I got all of my probs fixed but now on to a new one :) They have to replace a door panel (rattling) and NOW I have notice my windshield is rattling! I don't have a bug guard (I saw that thread) I think they are sick of me :)