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Locking Into 4WD Problems


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May 17, 2002
Hi folks

I have been in & out of 4WD many times. Tonight after driving through the mtns during a blizzard I noticed in town, when I put the AV in Auto or 4HI that the light just blinks and doesn't go solid to indicate it is locked in. I would sit for 2 minutes and it was still blinking.

I ran some test and the AV is 4WD when the light is still blinking.

I was wondering if all the snow packed up under tha AV was causing a problem, so I went to a spray and wash and sprayed around the transfer case. I still had this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I need to see the general soon - 750 miles until 36K :(
Blueruck - The 4WD engages via a heated solenoid. You push the button the soleniod heats up 4WD is engaged. If the light just blinks, it's trying, but cannot engage. The snow packed up could definately be causing the problem. There are some companies that make a kit to replace the heated solenoid, as hard as you use your AV >:D you might want to look into it. (I'll post more info on it once I get back home)
Blueruck -

Were you ever in 4LO? Because when we tried getting from 4LO to 4HI the light blinked for a minute constantly until it was obvious the Av needed to be in neutral before it would go out of 4LO.

I doubt this is the case with you because you have had a lot of experience in 4LO that my suggestion could sound dumb.

Another thing I would suggest is doing your 4wd change on LEVEL ground and at low speeds. I don't know what conditions you have been engaging your 4wd but I bet it is the easiest for it to engage under these circumstances.