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Locking tailgate problme


SM 2007
Full Member
Sep 26, 2006
Upstate New York
I am having problems with the locking tailgate with either the remote or the buttons on the drivers door panel.  Sometime I have to lock and unlock the truck 10 -15 times to get the tailgate to unlock.  I thought it was supposed to work just like the doors when you just click twice to unlock everything.  Anyone have any suggestions why it wont unlock with just two clicks?
Thanks :help:
Suggest you take it to the dealer, sounds like you have a short in the wires going to the tailgate.
Unless someone else has a suggestion.
Hate to hear that your having problems with that. 
Before going to the dealer, I would check to see if it has a electrical connecter outside the tailgate that might be loose..? Thats what it sounds like to me, with it being hit or miss..
Not sure if it has one, but it needs something to disconnect so you can remove the tailgate

is it a factory installed item? or aftermarket ....

Factory installed ... take it to the dealer ...

Aftermarket? ... return it to who installed it ....

Its an 07, so it would be factory..  Why go to a dealer before checking to see it the connection is loose??  >:D
deano_1 said:

I will look around for a loose connection somewhere and if all else fails, I will take it to the dealer.
Havent seen the underside of the 07 yet, but I would think there should be a wire sticking out of the tailgate..  I would start there
Hugz said:
Havent seen the underside of the 07 yet, but I would think there should be a wire sticking out of the tailgate..? I would start there

Yes, there is a wire sticking out the bottom of the tailgate. Also there are 4? removable Torx screws on the tailgate after you drop it down in the open position.
taking it to the dealer next week.  Right now the only way to get into the back is through the mid gate.  I could stand there for 5 minutes trying to unlock the tailgate and you can hear it clicking, but it doesn't unlock. Hope the have a good way to get it open. If I crawl into the back, can I take off the covers if the gate is still up?
I did notice there is a difference in the spacing from the left side of the gate maybe 1/4 inch to the right side 1/8 inch.  If the tailgate is not aligned properly could that be causing the problem?