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Locking Vs. Non Locking Rear End


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Mar 11, 2003
Dayton, OH
Last night I had the pleasure of driving a 2003 1500 4x4 without the locking rear. I was astonished at how easy it was to sit at a stop light and spin one wheel! While driving an ambulance came towards us so we pulled off on the dirt on the side of the road. When we tried to merge bcak onto the road we just sat there spinning the rear passanger side tire, we actually had to put it into 4x4 just to get off of the dry packed down dirt, it was amazing! So just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, I love the G80 locking rear option! Has anyone else had this happen to them?
No i havent seen this before, but it did sounld like it would be pretty fun untill you said you couldnt get back on the road :p I think ill stick to my Lockin Rear.
I have the 03 Z71 and this winter we were at a stoplight. It was one of those days in MN when rain was freezeing on the road. I was at a stop light there was a pickup ahead of me and when the light turned green he could not get going. I seen him put it 4wd and then off he went. I took off and could feel the rearend lock right away took off without spinning a wheel. Also what little snow we have had this winter it has worked great.
I drive an S10 blazer with a non-locking rear and its a PITA... I hardly can take off during the winter without spinning. Looking actively for an avy with G80 ;D
I know what you mean. I had a Ranger and I had a hard time on damp pavement. We had a snowstorm this winter and I would have never made it out of our driveway if I hadn't gotten my Avalanche. I did have to turn off the traction control because I could push the pedel to the floor and the tires would barely spin.
That's another reason why it makes a lot of sense to order your vehicle (it's hard to get all the must-have options in a showroom floor vehicle).

I didn't even bother trying to find a 2500 4x4 with 4.10 gears, G80 rear locking differential and all the other stuff I wanted.
Buy off the Lot.... What do you mean!!!

How can any AV owner seriously think about letting some pencil pusher behind a desk decide what we want. I ordered mine in Mar and wanted until June to get the AV. Its the way I ( better half and me ) wanted the AV. This is not a vehicle to unload in a year or two.
I would not personally let a dealer decide what vehicle option should be on the AV.... Thats my $0.02...
However, this is not to say, that some dealers don't know what to put on the AV's... I just haven't found one around here that is 100% all the time....
I think this is clear now, but just in case...

If you have the Z71 or Z66 package then you automatically get the locker. If you don't have one of these packages then you *may* have the locker on your base 4X4 if it was an added factory option (don't know code...someone listed it and price in the other thread).

I don't think the locker is available w/ base 2WD, but not 100% sure of this.


BTW, I got mine right off the lot, too. There were plenty of "less loaded" Avs on the lots to suit me. If I were to order, I'd have added the 4.10's and the convenience package, but that's probably about it.