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LOF Moisture problems


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Apr 4, 2006
NJ - Summer Home of New Yorkers
Yesterday I noticed that my LOF had moisture in it, and wasn't working properly (wasn't working at all).

I've got it mounted on the bumper of my '05, under the tailgate (not attached to the tailgate itself).  I'm thinking of buying a new LOF, then taking this one back and returning it, saying it doesn't fit my truck (or something like that).  It's still under warranty, but I don't feel like having to deal with all that nonsense...  Let some poor sap who doesn't own an AV deal with it!  >:D

Any ideas on how to prevent moisture build-up in the future?
Put clear cilicone on the ends. 
Would it make a difference with mine being a 3-piece LOF?  The outer pieces "pulse" outwards when the blinkers are on.  That's the reason I got this type versus the 1-piece version.

Is it just more places to put the silicone?