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Logjam's Nucleus NC-X2iLAN Installation


Full Member
Feb 27, 2007
Does anyone know when you order the Nucleus NC-X2iLAN from Logjam if it comes with directions for installation?  I have read that people say it is right behind the glovebox.  Does anyone have any specific information on accessing the XM Module?  I have a 2007 with factory NAV w/ XM Radio.  I'm not very good at taking things apart, but I would like to try and install this.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
... I ordered it and installed it within 5 minutes.  Terrific!  Easiest thing I have ever done... now, if I can just figure out how to mount it behind the dash so it doesn't move all around.
Is your Nucleus NC-X2iLAN installed with the GMLockPick?
Did the Nucleus NC-X2iLAN get installed in the glovebox, and where is the xm cable i need to get to?
Yes, I installed it with the GM Lockpick.  No issues reported.  The XM cable is right behind the right side of the glove box.  Just push the tab up to allow the glove box to fall down further and its right there at the bottom of the silver box... take literally 2 minutes.  I'm not kidding...

boy do i hate the word nucleus, reminds me of college way 2 much and im only a freshmen :needhug: