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Logo Front License Plates


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Oct 25, 2002
Mercer, PA
For those of you living in states that do not issue both front and back license plates, have you seen the silver front plate with the avalanche logo? it looks to be one of the anodized metal plates, really sharp. i saw one on an av passing me in the other direction so i didnt have the opportunity to ask. i looked on various sites on the web such as autoplates.com etc with no luck i looked on the various gm stores and accessory pages also. anybody have an idea?

I wanted one till I saw the metal bowtie plate. I bought one of those instead. I have had several coments about it. Will post a pic as soon as I fix my camera.


C'mon WIKI....Lets see the bowtie plate and where did you get it???
Mandatory around these parts to have 2...so I figure the plate frame will have to do... chevymall.com has some new items as well, it might be worth checking out... :B:
after months of research I finally found the front tag I was looking for. custom color, laser etched acrylic with "mirrored chrome" inlaid letters and bowtie. ordered thru Autoplates.com



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Thank You BigBlueAV for the info. :cool:
Man that bites I'm in one of those states where you have to have front and back plates. :cry:
Here's my homemade Club LoGo Plate.


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irontrain said:
Thanks BigBlue, that plate looks sharp. Here in Illinois we have to have a front plate. So this is the best I can do.

Where did you get this at? is this in the club store? I need one! Do they come personalized like that???

I made this one myself. Got the decal from Streamline, got a black plain license plate and then the WeathetTech plate cover.


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tractman said:
My gosh Orboater, how much does that boat weigh that you are pulling????

Not sure, never had it on the scales ???
Probably at 12,000+

No apparent strain on the AV, but you do know it is back there.
Looks like there is a house in the rearview mirror :rolleyes:
AtomTaz said:
Man that bites I'm in one of those states where you have to have front and back plates. :cry:
Yes, TX is too. However AT LEAST 1/3 have no front plate. But every time legislation is introduced to go to one plate DPS (Dept. of Public Safety) gets it stopped. Claim they need them for identification. Yeah, right. :mad:
Just a word to those who might exceed the posted limits during a rare lapse of attention to the speedo, the front license plate is the primary reflector for radar guns. :eek:
i guess my front plate is not a logo,

......but it is avalanche related

.............if you know what i mean!!!

yeah, pic attatched!


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Made this one myself also with reflective tape and Mike Hughes decals on Avalanchezone. Great looking day and night, only wise I could have found silver reflective tape that was 6 inch wide.

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My state requires a front plate, but I havent had one on my vehicle for 10 years. Got pulled over once, just explained that it had been ripped on in a snow bank. Cop said okay, you should go get one. That was 9 years ago and I still don't have one.
JJM said:
I made this one myself. ?Got the decal from Streamline, got a black plain license plate and then the WeathetTech plate cover.

I too have the Weather Tech plate cover, and it is highly recommended for anyone that has personalized plates, or if you just want to keep your plate clean. I got them for both the front and the back:

Click for larger picture

I picked this up on ebay for $11.99 (y) plus $7.00 shipping. :7: Its has a Carbon Fiber look to it.



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