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Look Into Your Heart Luke - I Am Your Father...


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Jan 10, 2002
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Yup - ads are running on the site. Thanks for the keep it going feedback. For right now they are ROS (run of the site) ads. I will be adding a page on how to purchase advertising on the site and within 6 to 10 weeks the ads you see above should go away.

Unfortunately with the agency I'm using I have to select which ads appear, and which don't. That means I need your help - if a pop up appears here it means I have to deselect it. I could have deselected them, BUT then I couldn't deselect annoying banner ads. Sooooooo I did a manual process. Believe it or not, there are some GM specific ads (and some good travel ones too).

So yes, I've had to go over to the dark side. Again, if you see a pop-up or pop-under, it isn't from here - and if it is - it doesn't belong so let me know!!!
Well, I am all for keeping the site open at almost any cost....but I have a banner flashing at me right now that says "if it is flashing I am a winner"....very red and flashing. I don't want to win...please turn it off.....oh it just went away :)....good job.
This is what I mean by annoying banner. IMHO that has to be the WORST banner ad on the web - and the site it points to - UGH! Might as well be Miss Cleo! I have deslected it but in my testing here it has popped up a couple of times. I'm wondering if my IP is flagged and it is just getting cached.

If others see this eye sore let me know and I'll give Burst Media what's for!
I think I ran over the three ducks with my Avalanche. :cry:

Time to fire up the road kill grill!! ;D

BTW Chief, I support your decision to run the banners.
Yes . . I too was assulted with the flashing red 'you have won' banner . . .

But . . I can certainly live with such until things get sorted out - simply scroll the banner off past the top of the screen . . . voila! . . no banners at all!
The last post was mine . . .

Anyway to hint to posters that logging in might be a good idea? ?This isn't the first time that I've done this and it probably won't be the last!

Referencing the previous post - on any newly accessed page, one click on the wheel of my mouse and the banner - and nothing else - goes just perfectly off of the top of the screen. It's already a habit . . .

What banners ???