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Looking for etched VIN number on my Avalanche! Please help!

Greek chap

New Member
Aug 29, 2007
Hello everyone.

I recently bought a 2002 Z71 Avalanche (the car came from the US).

The car has a number of stickers and labels with the vin number all over it, but its no good to the Greek authorities. . . .


Any idea where on the bodywork I can find the etched VIN number???

Please help, they are driving me mad. . . . . ? 

I ve looked everywhere in and out of the car, but no luck. . .

Thanks in advance for your time.
Driver side (left side)
lower corner of windshield is the official VIN tag.

as for on chassis... not usually done by factory
Your Greek authorities are looking for that which does not exist.

There are a few places you can find the VIN, however a couple of them may be changed.  In the glove compartment is a label full of RPO codes - 3 digit/character ones.  The VIN is on that.  However, if glovebox is replaced or someone didn't like sticker, it's gone.

Driver's door, the sticker for tire loading, etc. has the VIN.  Again, can be gone for a variety of reasons OR be there and not match due to door replacement with a used door.

The only official and permanent VIN is the one at the lower edge of the windshield, driver's side, forward of the dash.  That's it.
Thanks for the emails.

It must exist because Chevrolet said there is one but they will only tell INTERPOL where exactly its situated. . . . .
They are not allowed to tell anyone else. . . . . . .

All the cars have them, Porsches' BMWs' Mercs'. . . . . . . so there must be one somewhere. . . . .

There are "hidden VIN" stampings in other places, but none on the frame.
Yes, I have seen something like that before but not sure where it was, but then again it might not have been on an AV.
  I remember seeing a line worker stamping the frames near where they put the exhaust on in the Silao assembly plant.  It was near the end of the Chassis line.  I think it was on the drivers side, but I'm not sure.  Check the top or inside face of the frame.  You'll have to move the chassis wiring harness out of the way and use a mirror.
  This was back in 2001 during the initial launch, but I'd be surprised if the didn't do this anymore.  The number stamped may not be the actual VIN, but it could be a unique number.

Happy hunting, post location if you find it.
Top of frame rail....left side...right behind where the firewall would meet the frame if it continued downward. Not easy to see, I would say impossible without raising the body.

If memory serves, it is a gov regulation that the VIN be stamped in a obscure place.  I did that job many, many years ago on MD trucks, Silverados, Sierras.

this interesting Ive seen Vin on the frames of Camaros and older Chevy us Wonder if he ever found the Vin
I'm about to check on this myself when I get home this weekend. My suspension is lifted, but the body is snug on the frame, so we'll see what I come up with.

Another post reply mentioned checking the engine block stamping. The picture that the reply referenced showed small block engines, but maybe it's the same for my big block 8.1.