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Looking into ordering an 07 Avalanche?


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May 26, 2007
I'll be trading in my Mustang gt vert and my mazda truck for one of these babies.
i just was wondering on some advice for options?

i really want the bucket leather seats, 4 wheel drive and a sunroof.

from my research that would mean me getting the LTZ?  ( i think)

there are a few things that i noticed on the test drive, was it had chrome mirrors and door handles and a front grille.

i liked the chrome grill and door handles but not the mirrors, can that be changed atall in the options?

this is my first post, i've been lurking around for a couple of days now, nice site here... 
Welcome to the club!!!  I believe it is too late to order a 2007.  They will be building the 08s soon.  With all the deals going over this holiday weekend, go find a nice one and sign your life away!!!  There really are good deals out there.  :welcome:
:welcome: to the club and good luck with you pursuit of a new Avalanche.  :wave: