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Looking To Buy A New Z66


Full Member
Jul 25, 2002
Oklahoma City, OK
:) I'm looking to buy a new black z66 with the leatherseat/heat option.

I need to know what pricing is good and what i need to do to get the prices. Anyone have good ideas of going around getting good prices. Which dealer are best in my area.

If i have to i will ask my brother to use his gm discount, he works for gm. we are located in oklahoma city, oklahoma. Anyone from Oklahoma?

thanks for any input.

Hi Andrew,

If you are looking for a 2002 Av, you have a great opportunity to get it at invoice or less (if you read around the board you will see that this is what they are going for?some say substantially below invoice, but it isn't always clear whether they are speaking of before or after rebate). Just check www.edmunds.com or another site like it for the invoice price to make certain you know the invoice price.

A great way to buy a car is to let your fingers do the walking. Call a couple dealers and tell them you know that Avs are going for invoice or less (apart from the rebate). Then ask them what they are willing to do. Most will quickly agree to invoice, especially if it is the end of the month. If you get a couple offers at invoice, then just work them a bit to find out who is hungrier for the sale.

You negotiate the price at invoice or less. Don't let them add the final admin fee (no, everyone doesn't pay it), take the $2,500 rebate or 0% financing, and drive your very nice Z66 home. :cool: