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Loose Running Boards, They Got Scraped


Full Member
Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Hey whats up everyone. I just finished my first time offroading with my 2500 av ;D. It went thru everything like a champ. I did lightly scrape the running board a few times :cry: and after i cleaned the truck off. i steped on my drivers side running board to clean the windshield, and i noticed it had some play in it :-[, meaning it goes down farther than it used to. I looked at the bolts that hold it in, they are all there, nothing is bent! it just has some movement to it when you stand on it. Is there anyway for me to fix it, or should i bring it to the dealer after it snows for a while and say it happened while driving thru the snow >:D.
Thanks in advance
Just met a 2500 owner the other day. He lives well off any road. 4x is a daily routine. He said that one day he bottomed out on the running board. Didn't think much of it . Didn't give much thought when he saw something flash in his rear view mirror. When he came out of the store he looked at his passenger running board and the plastic cover was gone. He drove back to to were he saw flash of something and his cover was beside the road. he snapped it back on then had it replaced under warranty.

moral of the story, make sure yours is still snapped in place >:D I guess the cover only clips on....
I don't recommend you going off-roadig with your running boards. That is what happeing when you go off-road with your running boards. The running boards give you less ground clearance. That is why they got scrape. If you really want running boards, I recommend getting the Kodiak Steps The Kodiak Steps are great. The Kodiak Step doesn't drop the ground clearance. The step will hide underneath the door, when not in use. When you open the door, the step pops out.