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Loss Of Blinkers And Flashers


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Feb 14, 2002
Pleasant Valley, NY
Interesting drive to work this morning. As I was completing a turn into a Dunkin Donuts for coffee this morning, as my blinkers reset, I heard a loud buzzing or relay chattering, coming from inside the driver's side dash. I soon realized I no longer had the use of either blinker or my emergency flashers. Whenever I activated them, I heard the loud buzzing sound. I did have brake lights and other normal lights, such as DRL's.
The service manager took it right in, checked it out himself. He had never seen this on an Avalanche..... nor does he have the parts. (He believes the entire directional stalk needs to be replaced.) :cautious:
Sounds like they will have it throughout the weekend at least.
There was a recall for many 2000 S10's and Envoys and what not... The multifunction switch fails, disallowing use of the flashers, signals and brake lights.

Mine let go, but managed to mickey-mouse it for a few months while I waited for the actual recall to come out.

Part of the actual switch cracks, and electrical connections are lost. ?Mine all worked fine, if I held the flasher button to the left. ?I jammed a piece of cardboard or something in there. :) ?You might wanna try holding the button in various directions so that you can get working again, for now...
mine would get stuck on and blink about 100 mph. Thought it was an electrical wiring problem, but the dealer changed the realy for the blinkers/hazards and has been fine ever since.