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Lots Of Updates To The Discussion Software


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well, the big update I planned on Saturday is now pushed live. Here are the new features:

Instant Message Box Improvements: Boy howdy was this needed. You can now delete more than one message at a time. When you go to read a message it appears as an e-mail. It's just much easier to manage your in box and out box. Also, allows me to set limits on how many messages in your in and out box.

Member List View Improvements: Now have icons (red for offline green for online) for current status. WWW and e-mail is shown as an icon, not as a cluttered link. The number of posts are now multi-colored based on your title (Newbie, Regular, Fan, God, etc...). Just looks a whole lot better.

Go To Most Recent Post: This upgrade rocks! If you look on the topic centers next to the name of the most recent poster you'll see a little icon =

Click on that icon and POOF! You are taken straight to the most recent post on that board.

Members Only Text: Want to put something in a post that only members can read? Well then use the new tag.

[mem]this text will only be visible to registered members online[/mem]

I put it in a little code box so you could see how it works. If you registered, here is a hidden message.

[mem]I love my Avalanche[/mem]

Password Protected Message Boards: This will allow me to create a Steering Committee message board that only committee members will have access to - much better than the e-mail list we're doing right now.

Add MSN Messenger Service: No, I don't have anything against MSN and now you can add their messenger service to your profile. The applet uses a Visual Basic call to access the MSN software so don't freak out - it's not evil, honest.

Newest Member Greeting: The newest member to join is now listed at the top of the board.

Notification Upgrade: Now instead of just getting a message notification or replies, the reply will appear in the e-mail and you can reply back through the message. A lot more changes there too.

Who Is Online Print Out: This will be added to the homepage tonight.

Report Post To Moderator: You'll notice on each post now you have the ability to report them to a moderator. Sad state of the union after the Sport Trac incursion but this way everyone can help make sure things stay civil. You're all part of Homeland Defense! :p

There have been some other tweaks done that don't impact you, but make my job a little easier. Hopefully this makes the world a better place!
Good Job Chief, nothing but praise from this end...
This site makes me wanna wriggle my booty. I'm gettin' all misty here. Chief, we love ya man! *snif*

Ok, so now that that's out of the way, here's a suggestion/request.

In the profile page, there is a section for "Location". What might be better is a field for State, where we could select our home stomping grounds. This would, by default, be a query-able field, whos result could be included as a column in the Members listing.

That, or maybe a clickable US map? The resulting list would include those of us in the desired region?

With this info, we could post private messages to people in our own area, maybe fostering the practice of getting AWAY from the computer and out DRIVING our Av's together. ;D

Basically, I'd just really like to know who's nearby. Who can I call for a quick caravan trip? Who can I call if I get a flat or need other assistance? Why, my fellow Avalanche Fans of course! I need to know who and where they are though. Get me? ;)
I'd vote for that! Anyone near Grand Forks, ND? Anyone interested in how the trusty AV does in -15 degree WX? (It starts just fine, even if you forget to plug in the block heater, but the steering wheel squeeks until the interior warms up... :p)
Chief, you are awesome!! ?We really appreciate the unbelievable amount of work you put into this site. ?It shows in the ever increasing number of users. ?I am totally addicted to it!!! ?Thanks!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Great work Chief! But doesn't this topic belong in the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club News board? ;D