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Loud Metallic Popping Noise


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May 4, 2002
??? Lately, when I park the car after extensive driving, and turn it off, I get very loud metallic popping noises as if the vehicle was so hot that the metal is now stressed. I know that this may sound stupid or lame to most of you, but I have not encountered this noise before to the degree that it is occuring. Is this normal?

I was able to find out the answer to the blue smoke that is occuring and thank all those who contributed the forum answers to this. :D
I get some of that to... I especially get it on the HOT days down here in GA.. It sounds to me like something is dripping on the engine/exhast and making a lot of noise... I think it is some sort of condensation.. maybe from the AC?
It is pretty common on many vehicles. I go along with the exhaust system cooling. The Cat is hotter than Hades. Do you notice it more after extensive driving or does a trip to the grocery store do it too? I've had the sound, but never gave it a second thought.
I've heard similar metallic 'pinging' after shutting off the Av . . . always attributed it to the exhaust system cooling down. Mine's not excessively loud . . . I've never considered it a problem.

If yours is really loud, I might get it checked out.
yes, it mostly after a longer trip on the road. I appreciate the input as I am not familiar with this loud of a noise before.
There was a thread on this a long time agoooooo in a galaxy far far far away..... >:D

I remember the consensus was exhaust cooling...and maybe some had some loose heat shields I think...

Do a search and see if you can find the thread....

This is typical of all vehicles that have been driven for long periods. There is a lot of stuff cooling down that will generate noise as it contracts.