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Low speed (40-45) vibration going uphill


Full Member
Sep 23, 2006
Oklahoma City, OK
I have a 05 Avalanche 31,000 miles that vibrates at low speeds between 40-45 while going up hill when rpm's are about 1500 in 4th gear(i think). when i let off the gas or accelerate the vibration stops. any ideas out there. i took it to the dealership and they told me to have the trans flushed, i checked transmission and its looks new and levels are good. just thought id check with the experts (CAFCNA) before i spent the $160 for a flush ( i prop need to get this done anyway).

I doubt flushing the trans is going to cure a vibration, it could be a u-joint or any number of other things. From what I read I wouldn't go with a flush anyways, I'd just drop the pan, change the filter and add what's needed if you want to go that route