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Lowering Question??


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May 12, 2007
Tampa, Fl for now...
I been doing some reading on lowering the Av. Basically I'm new to the whole thing. My Av rides nice and I don't want to lose that.? So what would be the best set up for me to do?? :help:? I want to lose that wheel well space. I don't want to? slam it,? although nice but something just a few inces lower than factory.

I'm sitting on 24" and I often throw the bike (gsxr 1000) in the back for road trips. So some clarification on what does what and how should I go about it would help. Thanks
what type of Av?  Z66?  with anything other than a Z66 your best bet will be to just lower the rear with 2'' drop springs.  with a Z66 with the load leveling shocks, you'll either need to replace the shocks (not a good idea if you throw your bike in the back) or get shock extensions (usually 3''), lower the rear with 3'' drop springs then adjust the torsion keys in the front just enough to level it out and then get an aligment.

or bag it.  >:D
actually, IMO, a Z66 is better.  even with a drop you should be good.  even with 3'' drop springs and the shock extensions, the load leveling shocks will adjust the rear back to what it 'thinks' is stock height.  whatever height your Av is without the bike is the height it will be with the bike.
i have a 3.5/4.5 drop and i hauled 1300+ lbs of concrete bags (26 bags of 50lbs) and i made it through but i have helper bags installed on mine so that made a difference... im pretty sure your bike will be ok in the back since its less than 1000 lbs.