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Lug Cover Removal On Z71 Wheels


Full Member
Sep 1, 2002
Horsham, PA
I hope this topic has not yet been covered(I tried to search the forums...)

Anyway, it is time for my tire rotation on my Z71. I am trying to figure out how to remove the center lug cover on my wheels. I assume it is supposed to come off as it looks like a fake cover with fake lugs. There is no indent for a screwdriver to pry it off and I do not want to scratch my rim.

Can someone please tell me if the cover comes off and if so...how???



PS.. I hope this question doesn't qualify me for the Darwin award for 2002. I actually have a 124 IQ....LOL

Go Eagles!!
You have to unscrew the fake lugs then the real ones when you unscrew the center (fake lugs) cap will come right off and when you put them back on the fake lugs will click when it is tight