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Lumbar And Bolster Problems?  Unplug It!!


New Member
May 26, 2002
West Lafayette, Indiana
I know I've read on the site that others have the same lumbar and bolster problems as I. They had a mind of their own -- increasing on their own, so much so that I had to lower them back down daily. So, I just took off the seat control panel, and unplugged the wiring harness that went to the round lumbar/bolster controller. It's completely independant of the rest of the seat controls b/c it isn't connected to the memory seats. No more problems for me! ;D

Hope this helps.
Well if you unplug the controls to the Lumbar and side supports and then it never moves again, then that proves that the seat does not use airbags. It means it uses metal plates to change position. I am the only driver of my Avalanche and I know I never hit the controls getting in or out. It has to be some kind of electrical problem.

:8: So can someone tell me why it MOVES!!!!!! :8:
I'm in a similar situation, but my side bolsters "deflate" over time. I have to crank them back in every couple days.