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Lund Interceptor Bug Shield


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I ordered a Lund Interceptor bug shield for my 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche through NAPA. It arrived the very next day and the cost was very reasonable at $54.95.

I was expecting it to be adhesive base but I was shocked to find out that the Lund uses the factory mounting holes on the hood.

If you life your hood up and look under it at the top lip you'll see five square holes. The Lund kit included five brackets that snap right into these holes flush. All that is left to do is turn five screws (starting at the middle and then out). When you've got them in but not torqued, drop the hood down, make any minor adjustments, carefully open the hood and tighten the middle screw (don't over tighten - you'll crack the shield).

Then finshing cranking the rest down. I figure either Lund makes the factory kit for GM, or communicated with General Motors in their design. Anyone, and I mean anyone who can turn a screwdriver can put this shield in.


The unit is well designed and stand back off of the hood so cleaning and waxing behind it won't be a problem.

We don't have a lot of bugs in western Washington but we go skiing a lot. The roads are sanded and I don't want to get chips on the leading edge from gravel getting kicked up. I've always made it a point to make sure every truck I've bought has had a bug shield within the first month of being on the road.

It's a little bit of money that adds a lot of improvement to your truck, and the price at NAPA was the best I could find. Most parts stores don't have their 2002 parts list yet and they'll tell you it's not available yet. The Lund part number for the smoke model that fits 2002 Chevy Avalanches is 18099. If they call Lund or their warehouse in all likelyhood they have the part.
Could you post a picture of what it looks like? Thanks, Tom
Does a bug shield really help that much, or do people just like the looks?
Hey Doc!

I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Despite all of the technology I have one thing I don't have is a digital camera so I've got to do it the old fashioned way.

To answer your second question - YES - they help a lot.

When I bought my '95 S-10 (hey have I stepped up or what!) I put a bug shield on it from the word go (at the same time I did a bed liner, the second day I owned it). Not a chip, scratch, nick, nothing in the hood.

When I bought my '98 Pontiac Montana the bug shield was special order and a complicated three piece job because the grille was part of the hood. :rolleyes: Well I said pass and after 66,000 miles the hood was wiped out. Chips, pits, even a dent from a sizeable piece of gravel. :cry:

I didn't rush out and put one on my Avalanche and while driving over Snoqualimie Pass at highway speed I was taking a lot of sand and gravel. Sure enough, a small chip right down to the primer. :mad: I ordered a bug shield that night. :-[

So for me it has nothing to do with looks, I'd have one if it looked bad - it's all about keep chips and small dents off of the leading edge of my hood. :cool:

Hope this helps! Personally, if I could do it all over again, I'd go through GM Parts Direct.

You should do it! (give me about a week for a pic)

I bought the protection kit from my GM dealer for the Avalanche. It came with a hood bug shield, 4 rain guards for the windows, and plastic mud flaps. The flaps really help keep a lot of dirt and mud off the side running boards. But if Off-Roading becareful since they are solid when travel over uneven terrain. As for the bug guard, it caused the rubber covers up near the hinge points on the hood to start flapping against the hood at about 55mph or more. I ended up securing them with a little lexel chalk.
Brian, how much did the whole kit cost and was it difficult to install? Thanks, Tom

Go through http://www.gmpartsdirect.com

There is another post here that lists off the specific part number for the kit - it's probably the cheapest way to go - it sure will be a lot cheaper than going through the dealer directly!
Thanks Chief, I was looking at site and did not know if it is cheapest. Does this bug deflector tape or fit in the slots like your lund?
I paid $173.00 thats with 5% tax (hood bug deflector, Side window rain guards, & Mud Flaps). The bug deflector has double side tape ( not to be used as to secure it, but to give it a cushion tso as not to cause annoying squeecks) and you use the holes in the hood. There is not a hole in the middle , but I put one in. It was very easy to do. I will try to post some pics of kit installed.
Hey Doc -

The Lund uses the factory mounting holes so no double sided tape needed along the hood. As far as I can tell from watching no serious vibration and it stands well away from the edge so no rubbing.

The GM Parts Direct full package with mud flaps (molded and colored to match the Av), vent visors and bug shield is a screaming deal for $100.

Had I know about it before I bought the Lund (and got inspired to make this site) it would have been the way I had gone - and I would have put the mud flaps up for sale as I don't want them (I plan to do lots of 4-wheel drive in the warmer months and I hear they hang up on everything).

The one downside to the Lund kit is you still get the vibration from the windshield trim and there isn't any double sided tape in the kit. I'm going to talk to my dealer tomorrow about it and I'll advise.
A word to the wise, a warning -
I bought a bug shield on eBay and it was awful - vibrated terribly at speeds above 55. I removed it the next day and trashed it after getting a refund.
I have ordered the protection kit from GM, can't wait to get it.
I like the look of the bug hood shield on the AV, plus should protect the hood.
I'm sold on the bug shields... During the first five years I owned my Silverado (1990 ext. cab 1500) I had two rocks hit my windshield. After I installed a bug shield I never had another rock hit the windshield over the course of the next six years. I really liked that truck but after I bought my Z-66 I realized just how old the poor Silverado was. After 209,000 miles it still ran well. Never used any oil and looked nearly new.... but when I climbed back into it after driving the AV, WOW! What a rattle trap by comparison. (but like I said, 209K had taken it's toll) Anyway, Bug Shields are great and I am glad to hear of one for my AV. I'm ordering it today and it's as good as installed!
Did you tell 'em the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club sent 'ya


Keep us posted Doc! Hey, when you do the install yourself some pics would be GREAT. People are dying to see what the kit looks like and some photos of the install - make a good story...
I purchased my bug shield from G.M. It installed using the same squar holes inside the the hood. It came with double sided tape already on the shield, but I did not use it. I just didn't want to permanantly mount the shield to the trucks paint. This way I can take it off to clean the truck. It doesn't seem to need the tape either. No rattle, or movement at all. I think that it oes serve its purpose besides looking good. I put shields on all my trucks but one. That one took a beating. So far, I am very happy with it. I also purchased the molded splash guards from G.M. The dealer met GMPARTSDIRECT price, and no shipping charges. I just went to the dealer with the page, and he met it.
Gmparts is a great Co. to do business with!
There is a post somewhere - some board that claims that the GM one is a Lund made to better specs - strange world. Based on gripes about the Lund, I think the GM one was a bargain :rolleyes:

I'm convinced 1000% the Lund and the GM are the same, minus the double sided tape. I called a glass shop to urethane the L brackets in place (that's what my dealer would do) and I'm aware that it's a one-way ticket - if I ever replace the windshield I'm replacing the L brackets. The glass shop the dealer referred me to will do the work for free so I can't beat the price. Owner thinks it won't take long to do.

I'll keep everyone posted...
;)Your chevrolet dealership also has a two types of bug shield for your truck along with the splash guards that fit great. There bug shields also fits the factory square holes under the hood.
My GM protection package arrived today from GMPARTSDIRECT. :) Hood shield/bug deflector and front mud flaps already installed. Will try to do rear mud flaps and vent visors tomorrow. A little disappointed in the mounting of the mud flaps, only screw into the plastic cladding, I hope they hold up. I may remove them and add adhesive and re-install them to be safe. Will try to get pics if the weather holds up.
I doubt adhesive will hold up since the surfaces are very rough. They do seem lightly mounted but they do hold up well and I would rather have the flaps tear off then the cladding panel.
Posted also unter accessories, but this site looks more attended to: I just got my bug shield, vent visors, and mud flaps today. The bug shield was easy to instal, but I drilled a middle hole in the bug shield to screw it into the middle hole on the hood. Also I did not use the tape, is that ok?
However my question is on the vent visors. It looks like they just tape to the door. Is that all there is to hold them? Will they come off at high speeds? Also on the mud flaps, they are labeled right and left. Is the driver's side right and passenger side left? I guess they will only fit one way, but I thought the driver's side would be left. The labeled left mud flap fits on the passenger side. Thanks, Tom
Doc I replied under the other thread. ;D
Hey guys and gals I got a new bug shield put on 2 day ago :cry: :cry: :cry: :-[ I think I have more bug on my wind shield than I had at first. The kind I got is call Stampede
it molded to fit my hood looks good but does not work.

The area I live in has a lots of bugs I live in Arkansas
but I though that it would do a little better.

It makes nosie also , so are you all bug shield
working as far keeping bug off the wind shield
and not making noise.

please help the bugs are coming.
Hey Otisdturner - Read the March Issue of the CAFCNA magazine regarding how to fix your window trim - the source of the flapping sound. It is a very easy and cheap fix as many members have already performed it on their Avs.